Network Marketing is a simple, easy to understand, process. But… while it is easy to understand, it is not easy to do. However, there are ways to ensure your success. If you follow the principles outlined below, you will not fail. First, we need to set the stage for your certain, and fast, success in Network Marketing. Why does Network Marketing appeal to so many people? Freedom my friends; it’s all about freedom. The universal dream of financial freedom is a powerful motivator. When properly focused, we get creativity and energy from that dream, thereby enhancing our odds of success. Without focus, it can motivate us to make really dumb moves.

For example, too many people jump into their new home based, Network Marketing, business on a hope and a prayer. Let me be clear: Hoping and praying are not considered intelligent business or investment strategies. But, people will look at the pay plan of a Network Marketing company, read the testimonials of its “heavy hitters,” and say: “Wow, if I build out only three legs of this plan, I’ll be making $36,295 per month. That’s freedom baby…I’m going for it.” And the person trying to recruit them into the Company says: “Now you’re grasping the vision…now your dream of financial freedom is on fire…see you at the top.” In too many cases they are given outdated marketing tools by the Company, and get little support from their upline. Still, filled with windfall anticipation, they make the effort, and wait for their mailbox to be crammed full of checks.

A month later, they are still hopeful, and willing to try even harder… more calls, more mailings, more meetings. Many of you have seen this movie. By the third month, the effort is still there, but with less enthusiasm. Now come the nagging questions: “Why is this not working?” “Have I been a victim of hype?” “Was I misled about this opportunity?” Your thoughts reader: Why is the program not working for them?

Are they victims of hype? Were they misled? Have you heard of Due Diligence? If you are thinking about having your own business, you better get real familiar with the term, and learn how to put it into practice, regularly. I’ll bet you have heard this one too: “With our Network Marketing company, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Face it friends, when it comes to building your Network Marketing business, don’t expect the Company to do it for you. Remember the saying: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” And it starts with you asking enough questions to find out exactly what you are getting yourself into. Here is a partial list of Network Marketing due diligence questions:

– How long has the company been in business?
– What is the product line, or service provided?
– What is the uniqueness factor of the product/service?
– What is the market for the product/service?
– Does the product/service have mass appeal?
– Is the product/service a market leader?
– Is the product/service affordable to most people?
– What is your personal interest in the product/service? Are you personally excited about the product/service?
– Does the Company have a marketing system with a proven track record of success?
– What are the conversion statistics for the Company’s Marketing system?
– Can new distributors duplicate the successful ones?
– Is there a way for new distributors to make front-end money with the system?
– What is the recommended monthly marketing budget for a new distributor?
– With that budget, how many new recruits will get you to a break-even position?
– Who are the top distributors in the Company?
– What are they doing to be successful?
Etc, etc, etc…

So, you have asked the above questions, and you’re okay with the answers. It’s now time for a few critical questions that you must ask yourself: Is this business a “fit” for me? Do I feel good about joining this company? Can I financially do this right now? If you said “yes” to those three questions, then it’s time to do a little more homework, and give yourself an edge that will ensure your Network Marketing success. That edge is an Internet marketing system apart from the Network Marketing company that you join.

Many systems are available, and they are easy to find. Just do a Google search with keywords like “network marketing internet,” “network marketing systems,” and “downline builders.” You will not be surprised to learn that some of them are good, and some are a total waste of money and time. So, it’s time to wrap your brain around more due diligence questions. This time, you need to focus on that hotshot Network Marketing Internet Marketing System (NMIMS)… that says it can turn your computer into an Internet vacuum machine that will suck massive amounts of money out of cyberspace. Before reaching for your credit card, you might want to ask a few questions about this all-powerful NMIMS. Such as:

– Did people with real Network Marketing experience develop it?
– Were they successful at Network Marketing?
– Will you have direct contact with them, by email or phone?
– How difficult is it to learn the system?
– How much of your time will it take to use the system?
– Will the system self-fund, and/or make you money?
– Is it competitively priced?
– Will it duplicate?
– How does it drive Internet traffic to the system?
– Does it have a professional lead capture page to convert that traffic into prospects?
– Does it have a direct marketing website that tells, sells and closes?
– Does it have a strong email follow up auto-responder series, that keep your prospects interested in the system, and hopefully, in your Network Marketing Company?