This article explores why PPC (pay per click) marketing or search marketing is far superior to social marketing. If you are wanting to build your business fast on-line, especially a network marketing business, PPC domination is essential.

Many people are scared stiff of Google AdWords, they are afraid that their PPC campaigns will get out of control and they will lose their shirts. If you don’t know all the insider tips and tricks, the chances are you will lose your shirt, which is why it’s important to seek the best possible advice from people that have been there and are still doing it. Google AdWords is in a constant state of change and so it’s important to get the latest information.

Recently Mike Dillard did a Beta test for his PPC Domination Course and the results where quite phenomenal. One couple went from being Google AdWords beginners to AdWords pros in just a few months, and they are now generating 90 plus, high quality MLM leads per day through Google AdWords. What’s even more impressive, is the fact that the leads are completely free (making more in sales than the cost of Ads), one lead generated through their PPC campaign made them $4,687 while they were having dinner, they received a notification through their iPhone…can you imagine that?

Social marketing is very popular these days and because it’s free, in most cases, people feel safer doing it over pay per click marketing, however safe doesn’t always produce those dramatic results that are needed to launch a business to the next level.

Although social marketing is good, and should be used in a balanced marketing strategy, here are five good reason’s why PPC marketing is the best and quickest option for building a business on-line (network marketing or conventional);

You Control How Much Your Leads Cost – with PPC marketing you can set how much you are willing to pay for a lead, it’s absolutely scientific and controllable. If you know how to optimize your PPC campaigns you will be able to get your leads for free as with the PPC Domination case study above. You might say Social Marketing doesn’t cost you a penny but I disagree; to get anywhere you have to slave away tirelessly writing content and posting to different sites for hours on end, day after day. How much is your time worth? Once a Google AdWords campaign is working properly, you can leave it running in the background and focus on following up with your prospects, the same can’t be said for Social Marketing.
You Can Control The Quality Of Your Leads – all keywords are not created equal and depending on how you structure your campaigns in Google AdWords, you will certainly attract a different caliber of buyers. Once you know how to optimize for the right kind of prospects, you can forget about tire kickers who want a free ride. You certainly don’t have that kind of control with social media and it’s also a known fact that Social Media traffic isn’t a high converter. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity here.
You Control The Amount Of Leads You Want Each Day – pay per click marketing is truly scalable, in other words, once you have a winning campaign, you can increase your traffic until you get to a point where you have more leads than you can manage. In the video case study that Mike Dillard did, he mentioned that 5% of the leads he generates convert into members of his mlm business. If you are generating 100 leads per day (as he is), that is a pretty healthy growth rate for anyone’s business. Keeping in mind that of the other 95% that didn’t join his business, some of those people will go onto buy training materials and will still be profitable anyway. With Social Media there is no control over how many leads you have coming in each and every day, you can’t turn it off and on as you can with Google AdWords.
You Control The Message They Read – PPC marketing is laser focused, you control exactly what your prospects read; the ads and then the messages you send to them once they have joined your mailing list. You know exactly where they are in your sales process but with Social Marketing, it is the exact opposite…in order to get traffic through social media you need a lot of content and so you don’t have any control or insight in to what content of yours they have consumed.
You Can Outsource Your PPC Campaigns – many top marketers will outsource their PPC campaigns so that they can focus on higher leverage activities like training their team, speaking with highly qualified prospects, creating content, and looking for new profitable opportunities. Social marketing on the other-hand relies on continual personal interaction and personality is the one thing that you just can’t outsource. With PPC marketing someone else can take care of your campaigns while you lay on the beach…but with Social Marketing you have to do it yourself, all of the time.