Hey! Wake up. Spring has arrived with all its zeal. You have lived a long half hibernation for the last three months, caressing your pet, watching series. It’s time to pack you back and start cleaning your house and make it dazzle like a shiny mirror.

If your home is large, cleaning can occasionally be challenging. Do your best, however for your comfort, hire house cleaning services. Here are some cleaning tips and tricks which will be your helping hand and your effort will be very minimal.

1.   Start with the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are arguably the most overlooked feature of our houses. They readily gather filth, which if not wiped, spreads to the rest of the house. For consistency’s sake, use a feather duster while climbing a ladder, and take someone to hold the ladder for your safety. If the dirt is too old to be removed by dusting, you can clean the surfaces using an old towel or sponge dipped in a solution made of detergent and water, a dishwasher will work better than most.

Once finished, wipe everything down with a fresh, damp towel. Just remember to place any old bed linen or cloth of your choice as all the dirt will fall.

2.   Clean the coziest area: Your Bed

Trying to make things super easy for yourself, vacuum the bed before cleaning it. Cleaning a bed is not an easy process, particularly when you have linens and comforters to deal with in addition to mattresses flipping etc. We’re sincere, we assure you! You’ll be surprised at how much healthier your mattress, cushions, and bed frame are after a fast vacuum already when you put on new sheets!

3.   Sparkle the water-stained taps

Water spots from hard water are left behind around the taps, which not only look filthy but also support bacterial growth. Here is the secret. The Paper towel should be dipped in vinegar and wrapped around the tap for just 60 minutes.

After removing it, give it a thorough wiping. The embedded watermark will become noticeably lighter and even give the tap a little sheen. The watermarks will disappear if you do it frequently.

4.   Complete the dishwashing right away

Certainly, we are aware of how challenging it may be to wash dirty dishes after usage, particularly once you’re exhausted, but doing so right away ensures that nothing has a chance to become too baked on. You’ll be making things much simpler for yourself even if you merely rinse them and load the dishwasher.

5.   Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the pipe in your basin.

One of the most unclean places in the house is the kitchen sink. Drop two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda down your drain to thoroughly clean it.

Wait a few minutes while the combination does its effect. After that, drink some hot water.

Slice up some lemon slices and put them in your garbage disposal for a light citrus aroma.

6.   Surfaces and counters should be cleaned.

Wipe clean all of the hard surfaces in your home, including door knobs, light switches, TV remotes, cupboards, worktops, appliances, and telephones. Some of such surfaces ought to be cleaned, especially the ones that could contact people’s faces and fingers with pathogens. By combining one-fourth to a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, you may create a harmless disinfection solution.

7.   Clean out the cabinets.

Gently wipe away any form of debris or grit from the inside and also outside of the cupboard doors, as well as from all the sides of the cupboards themselves, including the top. For a greasy spatter, rub the oil off the cloth with undiluted vinegar before washing it in warm water to remove the vinegar.

Be careful to always ring out your cloth thoroughly before wiping down the wood, and quickly dry the surface area with a paper towel after cleaning, since certain closets may swell if they receive excessive dampness.

8.   Defrost the freezer and clean out the refrigerator

Consider taking everything out so that you may start at the top and work your way down to clean food particles out of the walls and shelves. When you restock food, be sure to check the expiration date and discard anything that is past its sell-by date. Don’t forget to sanitize the refrigerator and freezer door handles before cleaning the fronts of the appliances.

9.   When to call house cleaning services?

Anyone who has earned money wants to save it, right? But on occasion, your routine might be so frantic and crowded that you start to feel exhausted. You can no longer look around the filthiness at all because of this. Instead, you consider skipping it.

At this very moment when you are unable to maintain your house just the way it should be, you should call house cleaning services.


Cleaning takes a lot of energy, so keeping up a regular schedule and using the right tools with some home remedies and management can make your home sparkle and be germ-free.