Internet marketing is a discipline where you do all your marketing in the virtual world and get real returns out of it. The virtual ambiance through which you function while doing Internet marketing has several benefits over the conventional non-virtual marketing.

First of all, the advertising options available over the Internet have far more variety than those available for offline marketing. With the Internet you can use banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, audio and video ads, email marketing, blogging, social media networking, pay per click ads, or newsletters. The attraction here is that all these advertising options can be exercised through the same media. With offline marketing, one has to rely on different media like radio, TV, and newspapers to manage different types of advertising.

Secondly, tracking results is easier in Internet marketing. With sophisticated software, computer systems update information and analyze results immediately on receiving data. As a result, marketers remain better informed about market trends; user preferences and the result of their Internet marketing Strategy and marketing campaigns and can also see which of their strategies and marketing campaigns are working better. In offline advertising methods, to track the results and make the necessary modifications would take much more time and energy. This may create gaps in effective advertising.

With offline methods, once you give an audio or video for broadcasting or telecasting, it is not easy to make changes immediately on it. As against this, changing the graphics or a sentence or a word here and there is a simple job with Internet marketing. When you get customer feedback on any of the ads, whether text ads, audios, or videos, you can immediately make the necessary changes in that.

Target marketing is also easier while doing Internet marketing. In target marketing, different market segments are identified for which a particular service or product can be more useful. Target markets may be demarcated by the socio-economic situation of the people, their geographic location, ethnicity, gender, age, income levels, technical know how or profession. While target marketing can be done in offline marketing also, it remains more restricted to locations and is more difficult than in Internet advertising.

Instant conversion is yet another plus point of Internet marketing. If the customer is satisfied with the product or if he is in immediate need of the service, he will click on the mouse and make an offer immediately. As against this, when he sees an ad for a service in a newspaper or TV, he will have to first make a phone call to that company to get further details or may have to make inquiries with two or three people before choosing one person.