Ann Sieg stirred up quite a controversy with her free expose report and her e-book:

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing
The Renegade Network Marketer
In The Renegade Network Marketer, Ann tackles the controversy up front in her introduction and that is where you’ll mine one of her finest gems:

Look. You can’t please everyone. There’s always going to be a handful of people who won’t like what you have to say and they’ll let you know about it. Just remember this:
They aren’t your target market. You don’t care what they think because you weren’t trying to talk to them in the first place. They wouldn’t buy from you no matter what you said. So forget ’em. You’re concerned about connecting with the people who are on the same wavelength as you.

It’s when you stop caring about the opinions of everyone that you truly reach your full potential….Ignore the cynics and move on. It’s all just a part of what we do….

….when you stop worrying about offending people who weren’t going to buy from you anyway, it frees you to say the things that your true prospects really want to hear. And this draws them to you even more. (Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer, p.5)

Ann Sieg claims that The Renegade Network Marketer is “the complete inside scoop on how massive organizations are really built” in the network marketing industry. Is this true? Yes. Because…drum roll…Ann advocates that we give up the traditional network marketing focus on products and make our business work by shifting to a focus on sales and marketing.

Big tip: Drop this perspective from your business building efforts–“It’s not selling, it’s sharing.” Shift to a focus on marketing and learn how and why people do what they do–especially how and why they buy products.

To get started today:

1) find a couple of web sites, blogs or newsletters not meant for network marketers which focus on the fundamentals of marketing and selling;

2) subscribe to them and read faithfully each week for a year;

3) start a list of marketing tips for small and home-based businesses and write a three point list of action items next to each tip; and

4) as you take steps to implement these tips in your business, keep track of your results. (Review this list every month to add and subtract.)

Another big tip: Use educational marketing to increase your results 100-1000%. “Don’t Market Products or Opportunities. Market Information.” (p. 57)

To start today:

1) Make the goal of all your marketing to get your prospects to give you their contact information;

2) open your notebook and make a list of your top five products;

3) next to the product, write what problem it solves and the group of people who need that solution;

4) pick one group of people for whom you have solutions and write a paragraph describing who they are and what they might want or need;

5) map out your plan to develop your own blog or web site and add people to your list who are not your MLM customers (but are in your target market) by offering them information they want AND solutions to the problems they have.

What will you do in the next week to change from a product-focused business to a marketing-focused business? What will you do to shift your marketing from selling products to customers and instead market to a target market looking for solutions–your product or business opportunity being only one solution amongst many you offer your list?