Email marketing is fast becoming one of the most important and efficient direct marketing tools for companies that want to realize a greater return on investment from their marketing efforts. Email marketing, like most direct marketing, has its own set of metrics and success ratios and specialized techniques to make a campaign successful. It is not something that should be approached blindly. There are many companies that offer their services as email marketing specialists who can partner with companies looking to utilize this highly-efficient marketing tool to raise revenues. How does a company go about choosing which company is right for them?

One of the first criteria should be a proven track record of success. If a company has thousands of users that benefit from using their system, chances are they are doing something right and have gotten email marketing down to a science that produces effective results for their clients. A company with numerous clients in a variety of businesses has the know how and a time-tested system that generates revenue and allows businesses to grow and track their customer base.

Companies that offer email marketing systems should offer a system that is easy to use for the marketer and has certain parameters that generate effective email communications in a simplified manner. The company should offer a variety of customizable templates so marketers can tailor the email to their potential customers taste and tone, and can also deliver the marketing message in the most effective way. Their system should also allow marketers to choose between emails with lots of graphics or simple text only email messages, again, based on what the marketers know about their customers. They also should be able to build in surveys so they can get greater insight into what their customers and potential customers respond to and what their needs are.

Another key function of any email marketing program is the ability to manage contacts. A company may have thousands of emails that they are sending marketing messages out to. A robust email marketing mailing list ensures that companies can manage their contacts easily, grow their database with potential new customers, and manage opt-out and bounce-back functions so their contact list is clean and targeted. Mailing list management is a key component of direct marketing, and email marketing is no exception. An email marketing company that has an easy to manage list management system is providing a great service to marketers who can make sure their emails are hitting the right targets and clean their list of any emails that bounce back or people who decide to opt out of receiving future emails. This saves time, effort and money for the email marketer.

Email marketing specialists can also make sure your message is delivered in a timely fashion and work with ISPs to insure a high deliverability rate. Making sure your emails get to their intended recipients is important when you are delivering time sensitive email marketing messages.
Finally, tracking the performance of an email marketing campaign is important to determine the profitability and effectiveness of the campaign and also help plan future marketing efforts. You can clearly see what messages were effective, who responded to the email offering and why, and tailor future campaigns based on previous results. A fully integrated email marketing program set up by an email marketing company can insure that your efforts will pay off with a proven system of success.