Christians everywhere are looking for ways to keep mother at home so she can be a greater influence in the lives of their children. Our world has gone mad and Christians want to review good network marketing opportunities. For that matter, they want an honest, reliable source of income without having to leave home to do it.

Network marketing is a great opportunity for those who are willing to be patient, learn and apply. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and I will be very honest, very few ever make a dime in network marketing. They end up spending a great deal of money promoting a business without the proper training to do so.

Their sponsor, upline leader or team leaders will guide them down a path of endless frustration. Not on purpose mind you, just a path that might be easy for them, but for new network marketers, difficult and treacherous.

Truth be told, it is best for a brand new person to learn how to market on the internet FIRST before they ever consider a network marketing opportunity.

One of the first things you as a Christian will be told about your new network marketing business is:

“to start promoting your website to everyone you can”

If you are experienced in internet marketing you’ll do just fine. However, those of you who are new, better do yourself and your family a huge favor. Don’t join.

Christian’s looking for network marketing opportunities should be very careful of how and where they spend their money. First off they will be required to purchase products each month in order to receive their commission checks and if you don’t purchase products you’ll never get paid.

Some of the product purchases for these network marketing opportunities will blow your monthly budget out the window. To be a good networker on a budget you will need to set aside money for products, money for promotion and a great deal of time.

Network marketing harps and preaches you will have more time for your family when you hit the big dollars. What has been my experience is the higher you go, the more time commitment you have towards your business instead of the Christian values we hold dear to our heart:

The absolute best Christian network marketing opportunity will have a front end product that is generic in nature that will help pay the bills while the new person is learning. I can think of three front end products on the market right now that would qualify but non of them is attached to the back end business.

I know there is more money to be made selling products to network marketers than there is in promoting a network marketing business. I’m living proof of that. I jumped out of building a network marketing business and instead have focused on supplying the products that network marketers need to become successful. Christian brothers and sisters listen up:

You will not spend nearly as much money on products if you learn how to marketing to a very tight niche market like network marketing.

Here is a small list of 11 needs for every active network marketer:

1. webpage to capture names

2. system to send follow up emails to their captured names

3. leads or names of people to send their promotional material too

4. training on how to use the phone

5. training on how to sell stuff

6. training on how to close prospects

7. training on front end products that open doors and earn immediate income

8. system that takes prospects through complete sales funnel

9. need to attach to a mentor who has experience and success

10. outside training via online education or ebooks

11. they need help, assistance, guidance and truthful answers

Here are some additional aspects to consider:

The problem with most network marketing companies
Why network marketing is so starved and distributors will do just about anything……….
things you will see most often that will curl your tongue
places to find true education
Network marketing is a viable business and a very profitable business once you have your “ducks” all lined up. If you have no marketing experience then your learning curve will be steep and expensive. Get yourself educated first, before you jump head first into a network marketing business and I believe you will find more happiness and success will follow quickly.