Social Marketing is known in the Internet industry as Social Media Marketing. It can use the principles of Attraction Marketing to help you re-learn what you’ve always known how to do as Network Marketers: socialize.

Maybe you stopped doing this when you became a Network Marketing salesperson. Maybe, instead of really listening and talking with people, you began to think about how you could arrange the conversation to talk about your business and generate Network Marketing leads. We’ve all done it! It’s not pretty is it?

Wikipedia says that “Social Marketing’s primary aim is to do “social good”. It also says that Social Marketing has two parents: a social parent and a marketing parent. It sounds good to me! It’s social, and it’s marketing. This is now a smart, acceptable way to generate Network Marketing leads.

I think we could all use a big dose of self-esteem. The important thing to realize is that when people get to know you as a person, not a salesperson, they are attracted to the person you are, not the sales person you were trained to be. I’m going to get somewhere with this…please read on.

My Analysis of the Old-School Network Marketing Lead Situation. This is why I think most people stop socializing normally and started having an ulterior motive when talking with “warm bodies” (I’m including myself in this analysis): We’ve been shown some methods of obtaining Network Marketing leads that, over the years, we have accepted as normal for the Network Marketing industry and have fallen into habits that may not be as effective as they used to be; if they ever were.

Please notice how nicely I said that. I’m talking about cold calling, chasing prospects over the phone, in person or by email; the old school methods of prospecting for your Network Marketing business, or mlm.

Don’t you agree that after awhile, that gets kind of old? I mean, you want to be known as something other than “that person who sells that stuff”, don’t you? I don’t want people to think that they can’t have a normal conversation with me without hearing about why they need what I offer. So, I looked for another method to grow my Network Marketing business.

If you are good at prospecting and have perfected the art of talking with strangers, then let’s not try to fix what’s not broken. I’m not here to say that what you have been doing as a Network Marketer is bad…it was just bad for me. And, I have seen it done badly; many times. But wouldn’t it be great to add another method of obtaining Network Marketing leads that allows you to sit back and watch your ship come in…..with your Network Marketing leads on it?

The first thing I found in my search was a free eBook. It got me thinking…so there is a better way to do this. What a relief! I could feel the stress of my situation draining away. It felt really good to hear that other people were feeling the same way about their Network Marketing lead situation.

The second thing I did was join a training course geared toward beginner Internet Network Marketers. If I was going to be social and market at the same time, I wanted to know the rules of the game. No one wants to look like a newbie! If I was going to have to be a newbie, I wanted to be a well trained newbie!

So, this is where your “Social Marketing Ship” comes in. All you need to do is get a feel for the problem….read the free eBook. That’s where it all started for me. Then, think about some Internet Network Marketing training. I started for free until I was ready to make a full time commitment and learn more advanced methods of obtaining Network Marketing leads. Then, start by signing up for different Social Media sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and StumbleUpon, and begin to naturally make friends. Hopefully, you will be interested in learning about your new friends and not just about your own agenda. We all need friends; and you’ll have the ability to attract them as a Network Marketing lead if you are being you and not a salesperson.

Step 1. Create a profile with as much information about you as possible; including a good picture. Do include links and information about your business, as well as personal facts about you. For example, I found a friend who loves vampire movies just like I do. Who would have guessed?

Step 2. Personally invite people with hand-written messages; not copy and paste. I made a mistake early on of not using personal messages….big mistake. I got a lot of people asking “and, just how do I know you?” Well, they didn’t. I skipped that part in my training and just thought I would plow ahead!

Step 3. Socialize normally, as you would with friends. Be welcoming and accepting of others. Please do not spam your friends by sending out unsolicited information about your Network Marketing business. People view unsolicited emails on Social Marketing sites the same way they view telemarketers….invasive and annoying.

Step 4. Build a relationship the same way you do with any friend; with trust and mutual respect for one another. You will begin to see that people are attracted to you and may become Network Marketing leads for your business, or know someone who could be. It really does work this way if you don’t fall into your old Network Marketing habits, where the only agenda is yours.

The last thing I want to point out is that this is a learning process that takes place when you begin to study something new. Does it take a little time? Sure it does; but it’s worth it not to repel friends and family, or rely on trips to the store, or Networking luncheons to recruit more Network Marketing leads. I personally do not enjoy those Networking groups and their luncheons. Maybe because, as a busy work-at-home mom, I just don’t have time for them.

I want to continue to enjoy Network Marketing leads that come to me because they want to do business with me; not because I hounded them until they said yes. Those leads hardly ever work out anyway! I like it much better when these highly qualified leads come to me. Social Marketing can supply an endless stream of highly qualified leads for you, as well. Take the time to learn how to do it right and build a reputation for yourself on the Internet that will bring you more leads than you can possibly follow up with. It’s the future of Network Marketing. Please join me in Internet Network Marketing training.

Becky Joubert is a Network Marketing Coach, business entrepreneur, and full time parent… teaching Attraction Marketing to business owners old and new.