In Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, Dillard takes us through his personal history in the network marketing business and helps us see what he’s learned in the process of creating his multimillion dollar network marketing business. What he prepares the average network marketer for is this:

Successful network marketers sell themselves i.e. You Inc. a term Dillard has coined.

Successful network marketers sell their marketing information system, not their products or pay plans.

Dillard puts it this way, “I could dump two tons of the greatest new Super Vitamin 2000 on your driveway, but unless you knew how to market it to the right people, you wouldn’t make a dime.”

Just like any other business in which people sell, we need to know how to move our product. Brick and mortar stores use commercial marketing, we use direct marketing, or a marketing information system.

Magnetic Sponsoring has taught me to sell Me, to brand myself, or the type of marketing information system I use. And Dillard makes many compelling arguments pointing out why.

Magnetic Sponsoring Business Building Franchise Basics

In Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard affirms that the network marketing distribution system is divided into two parts. A part that sells the product, and a part that sells the marketing.

We sell the marketing system to distributors by providing them with information they need to do so, and then that marketing system sells the products to consumers. This makes the product transparent to our business, we can sell any widget we want, what will set us apart is the marketing we use to sell it.

It’s not the product we sell that should interest our prospects, it’s how we sell that product that should interest them according to Magnetic Sponsoring. When we reach out to a new prospect, Dillard says we need to concentrate more on showing the prospect how they can be successful with valuable information that we must provide.

We need to clue them in early to our methods and techniques that make us successful, and let them know that we’ll teach them everything we know about marketing.

The job of a distributor then, says Dillard, is to

Market a system to other distributors that retails information and back ends the company products.

Teach them personal and business leadership and network marketing skills… To help our new distributors become “Alpha”. This will allow them to be more successful.