Ann Sieg’s controversial ebook “The Renegade Network Marketer” is changing the way the network marketing industry operates. It’s giving new network marketers the same marketing tools and insider secrets the network marketing industry giants have been keeping to themselves for years.

Let’s face it most major players in MLM didn’t get rich by holding meetings in their living rooms, buying leads or strong-arming their family and friends into joining their business. And you won’t either!

So how do they do it? They use a marketing system!

Ann Sieg explains that all successful business whether in the network marketing industry or not survive or fail based on the success of their marketing system. This marketing system needs to be large and it needs to be self funding. In other words, it needs to pay for itself!

How does the average person set up let alone afford such a system? Good question. And until the recent explosion of Web 2.0 on the internet, it was almost impossible for the average network marketer to do.

Ann Sieg got the ball rolling with “The Renegade Network Marketer”. Now Mike Klingler is running with it. His Renegade University is a touchdown for everyone who wants to learn the “secrets” of internet marketing.

Renegade University students learn exactly how to build an effective marketing system online, just like Ann suggests. The best part is they do so with step by step video tutorials paced for beginners. So NO ONE is left behind.

Monetization is built right in, so as your marketing system grows so does your marketing budget.

Mike Klingler and Renegade University have made truly duplicable results possible. Students learn how to promote themselves not their network marketing company. This avoids many online MLM pitfalls as well as making it effective for promoting any network marketing company (or non-network marketing company for that matter).

So if you are a new network marketer [] or if you’re considering becoming one, I highly recommend you check out Renegade University and Ann Sieg’s book, “The Renegade Network Marketer”.

Veteran network marketers will benefit from Renegade University as well because never has it been easier to teach your downline how to become leaders, duplicate your efforts and build huge organizations of their own. Isn’t that what MLM is all about?

Ann Sieg’s, “The Renegade Network Marketer” and Renegade University have transformed my business so I know they’ll work wonders for your business as well.

Shelly Begarowicz helps network marketers and small business owners to use “Social Web 2.0 Marketing” techniques and strategies to build their businesses on a shoe string budget.