The Renegade Marketing system was developed by Ann Sieg. She had been on an off with network marketing without seeing any good results. After she had read a lot of books, attended a lot of seminars and done all that her up-lines had taught her, she still could not achieve financial freedom from her marketing efforts. This led her to develop her own marketing system, the Renegade Marketing System. She wrote also wrote a book called The Renegade Network Marketer.

Renegade Marketing System is a revolutionary marketing concept that believes that all conventional network marketing concepts are all wrong. According to Ann Sieg, network marketers do not even know any thing about marketing. Their methods are the same old ones that no longer work and leave the marketer chasing after new leads and contacts. The Renegade Marketing system seeks to change that. It makes you the Renegade network marketer, the one sought after and not the one doing the finding.

The Renegade Marketing System follows non-conventional methods in seeking out leads, expanding your down-lines and getting successful as a network marketer. The methods are not the conventional everyday methods that do not work. Only an estimated 5% of network marketers actually make a sustainable income from network marketing which is a proof that the normal conventional methods are not very effective. Ann Sieg equips the Renegade Network Marketer to better position themselves to attract leads and prospects.

As a Renegade Marketer you should be attracting people to you and not the other way around. After creating the self sustaining system, people would willingly be coming to you to ask how you do what you do. This people easily translate to new leads and prospects. Ann assures that you will be swamped with more new leads than you can handle. Increasing number of people every month will come to you seeking more information.

As a Renegade Network Marketer you no longer need to constantly bother your family and friends seeking for new leads and prospects. The prospects will come to you seeking information. Ann teaches you how to make this prospects see you as an authority and believe you. This certainly makes marketing easier, when your prospects seek you out and already have faith in you. You no longer need to face rejection, hold constant luncheons and meetings practically begging people to join your program. All you need to do is learn how to be a Renegade marketer.

One of the concepts of the Renegade Marketing System is remote selling. The concept teaches you how to reduce your cost and how to use the same cost and time it takes to sell to one person to sell to hundreds more. Her book and system outlines a simple to follow step by step strategy that can be followed to be a successful Renegade Network Marketer. This makes the Renegade Marketing System, easy to understand and follow and you can thus effectively educate your down-lines. The Renegade Marketing system worked for Ann Sieg and brought her success and fame. A lot of other people have also benefited from it and many others continue to benefit from the revolutionary ideas.