Internet marketing programs and affiliate opportunities have enabled millions of marketers to become entrepreneurs. Many have made millions, and some have spent just about as much funding our friends who sell keyword advertising. Falling prey to the “marketing guru” schemes can be just a tough on your return on investment. There is no get rich quick story to a strong Internet marketing or ecommerce campaign, which will stand the test of time. Profitable Internet marketing campaigns are made up of passion and hard work.

We all see and hear about them daily. They are the millionaire Internet marketers who all follow the same system. They claim to have secrets, which they will sell you for the “low price of the day.” The following are similar traits of the Internet marketing and super affiliate masters. They follow the same steps. They are no secret and today they are free. Use them and you will prosper.

Internet Marketers: Do not forget to include the following in your campaigns, as they are instrumental to your success. You need every element to entice clicks, transactions or sales, and to be profitable in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and selling Internet products through e commerce sites.

These Internet marketing tips will increase your pay-per-click, pay-per-transaction, as well as pay-per-sale earnings:

1. Know what you are selling and who you are selling to. Period. Read about them. Experience who they are. You can not market to someone you do not understand.

2. Now that you know who you are marketing to, communicate with them and provide products and services that they need. Keyword analysis will help you specify Internet website visitor preferences, as well as target interests. Consumers, who are appropriately targeted, buy products. At the very least, they will show interest and click.

3. Bring users to your website and promotional pages, who are qualified buyers. Optimize your keyword campaign and trust your optimization of your keyword campaign. There are keyword tools available to mine competitors keywords. Use them to view real time Internet marketing campaigns, what keywords are profitable and what creative is being used to entice cost per clicks. Use those keywords to bring clicks to you.

4. Research the competitive market and speak through article marketing and bloggs to build qualified traffic to your site. Again, the more qualified the visitor, the more likely they are to click. Use article marketing for your ecommerce and affiliate marketing programs. Apply appropriate links within your author profile and interested people will visit your site. They are more likely to pay per click and buy ecommerce products.

5. Be unique in your efforts. Do not buy into what everyone else is doing, whether in website design, advertising creative or Internet marketing and advertising campaigns. That may work for a short time. It will not stand the test of time. Your goals should include building long term, repeat visitors to your site. The more interested they are the more they will buy.

6. Market promotional pages, just as you promote your site. This is key: Build promotional pages, which are specific to optimized keywords. The promotional pages will be viewed as individual sites, which you will register with the search engines. Individual promotional pages are powerful sponges for qualified website traffic.

7. Use your promotional pages to briefly explain why the consumer should buy your product. Then move those qualified Internet consumers to the website sales page to close the sale.

8. Build affiliate relationships. Encourage your affiliates to use some of these tips. Affiliates traffic also needs to be qualified traffic. Allowing affiliates to dilute the quality of your visitors can lower interest and decrease activity, clicks and sales. Quality affiliate traffic can be very profitable.

9. Find multiple affiliate partnerships. Once you test and master a few affiliate program campaigns, put them on auto-pilot and move on to the next group. Don’t try to test more than a few at once.

10. Enjoy what you do. Passion shows through in your website content and visitors gravitate to that. Happy, qualified visitors are active users and click, fill out forms, and make purchases.

Use these 10 steps and you will run profitable Internet marketing programs. Skip any of them and your return on investments will be slim. Have fun and prosper.

Julie Ross is an e commerce, Internet advertising, and Internet marketing executive with over 20 years experience in traditional and online marketing. She has launched advertising and marketing campaigns in various vertical markets, through inclusion of advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns.