Being in a top network marketing company doesn’t guarantee your success… Your Marketing Plan Does!

Yes, having a real marketing strategy is the only thing that can guarantee success for your network marketing business opportunity. Network marketers have finally learned what other businessmen have known for the better part of a century… Attracting prospects to you is far more efficient than chasing after them.

That makes sense doesn’t it?

It would be far better to have people approaching you, asking about your business wouldn’t it? That way you’d never have to approach another person in a check out line. Or call another friend or family member trying to convince them to join your network marketing business opportunity.

Hey, even network marketing industry leaders who’ve used the old model of MLM for years are switching over to attraction marketing as they see how powerful it is.

They realize, top network marketing companies or not, you don’t succeed in MLM unless you get your information into the hands of INTERESTED prospects!

Attraction marketing is the wave of the future for network marketing.

The good news is your learning curve for understanding the attraction marketing process had been dramatically shortened by folks like Mike Dillard with his book “Building on a Budget” and Ann Sieg with her block buster “The Renegade Network Marketer”.

To start educating yourself about attraction marketing principles and how to put them to work for your business I suggest you enroll in the Renegade University. It’s a great place to start.

Paced for beginners Renegade University gives a great overview of how the attraction marketing process works and best of all it’s free. This is where I suggest all my clients begin because there’s a ton of information and training to be had before you ever need to spend a dime.

Once you’ve taken all the beginners courses you’ll want to read a book on the topic. I recommend either The Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg or Building on a Budget by Mike Dillard.

As you can see, joining one of the top network marketing companies in and of itself will not guarantee your success. But if you do your homework and master this new process of attraction marketing, you will be on your way to attracting more interested leads into your business than you can deal with.

Won’t that be a wonderful problem to have?

About Shelly Begarowicz…

Shelly Begarowicz is an internet marketing consultant. With the help of Renegade University she helps network marketers and small business owners to use Web 2.0 Tools and Attraction Marketing techniques to build their online mlm business with a shoestring budget.

Building on the teachings found in The Renegade Network Marketer, Magnetic Sponsoring or Building on a Budget, Shelly teaches opt in mlm lead generation leveraging the power of the internet to build your online business in the most effective way possible.