Before looking into the strategies of the website marketing we should know what website marketing is? Most of the people don’t know what is website marketing is. Even if some have vague ideas about what website marketing is they don’t have any ideas where to start from and how to market their site. So let’s discuss these problems.

What is website marketing?
In simple language we can say that website marketing is the idea to represent your website to other people. If you want online success then marketing your website is very essential; it doesn’t matter whether it is online or offline.

Now the next problem is where to start the Website Marketing?
It is very important that you set you’re your target.

The most important thing you have to think first is how much money and time you can devote to the work. Total Marketing depends on the money you are spending. Strategies will be build as per the money you are spending. And ofcourse time is essential. More the time you give better is for development and as well as for the marketing of the website.
Next research on the website and get the effective and proven ways for marketing the website
The marketing strategy depends upon the money you want to make from the website.
Always try first to market the local market. for example if your website is based in Florida then you should target Florida market first and do the Florida Website Marketing.
Once the goal is fixed you will have a clear idea what are the requirements for the website marketing. You will also get an idea where to start the online marketing.
Several Ways to Market Your Website
There are several ways (both online and offline) to market your website of which some are described here.

One of the most effective ways is to sell 1 cent e-books on eBay which will contain links to your website. This is very effective.
Online yellow pages is also a effective way to market your website
Search engine optimization, better known as SEO is also required for better search engine rankings. Always concentrate on the local market. Always try to get higher rank in the local search engines like Google UK(, Google US(,Google India(, Google Australia( It will definitely help to earn money
Use Social Bookmarking sites and forums to promote your site.
There are several other offline processes to market your website.
Have business cards with your website URL prominently written in the card.
Put Logo in the Car to market your website.
You can advertise your website through different electronic media
There are other ways also. Everything depends on the money you want to spend to the marketing of the website.
Several People have several ideas to make feel their presence in the internet market. you will find thousands of tips as each people have his or her one choice. To us these are the best ways to market you websites.