Though I have used attraction and relationship marketing throughout all phases of my adult life, I only started to learn how those methods are applied to Internet marketing starting in August 2008. The main educational and training resources utilized over the last six months evolved from Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer (RNM) followed by Mike Klinger’s Renegade University (RU-Pro) and most recently on to McKay Earl’s 90 Day Marketer.

Recently, a friend asked about my experience with the 90 Marketer which in turn lead me to providing an overview of my experience with all three resources since they all work together (IMHO). It also occurred to me that others may have similar questions or at least benefit from the response; hence the formulation of this post.

A Little Background Music!

First off, I guess a little background might help give you an idea of my overall perspective. Since I teach at an institute of higher education, I know the costs of education quite well. When I started this leg of my journey several months ago, my initial goal was to learn the ins and outs of delivering messages via the Internet.

I attempted to build MLM/DS distributorships in the past (70’s to early 90’s timeframe) but ran into issues when it came to lead generation (didn’t get into the whole cold calling, 3 foot rule type of thing) so I ended up walking away. I didn’t walk away bitter, just frustrated that I couldn’t reach the people of like mindset to empower those opportunities to work. So in essence, I was (and am for that matter) open to those types of opportunities if and when an effective prospecting mechanism was identified and could be implemented especially via the Internet.

The Sojourn Begins!

As the quest began, one of the first resources I encountered was Ann Sieg’s “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing”. Having prior experience in MLM/DS, it instantly struck a chord but instantly raised a flag since the free e-book lead to another resource (Renegade Network Marketer (RNM)) touted to have more insight but for a fee of course (I was starting to feel like a fish; took the bait now here comes the hook-set!). After doing a little more research and discovering that Ann Sieg’s “money back guarantee” actually meant something, I bit, bought RNM, read it, and ultimately felt it was worth the expense; especially since it offered lifetime access to other “back-office” resources. Though RNM’s back office has a wealth of resources, it does not (or at least clearly) show a newcomer how to “market via the Internet”.

About the time I finished RNM I came across Mike Klingler’s Renegade University (RU-Pro); a fantastic training resource with tons of great tutorials on a wide variety of subjects related to establishing a web presence. Originally I thought it was just another layer of Ann’s system and later found it was developed to assist those left bewildered by the RNM system. After quickly working through the free level of RU, I upgraded to RU-Pro. I found tremendous benefit from the tutorials but quickly found it was easy to get “lost” amongst all the great content due to the minimal structure or lack of a pipeline showing how it all fits together. The 90 Day Pipeline Perhaps? Most recently I was introduced to McKay Earl’s 90 Day Marketer, which does draw everything together into a structured format that works as a pipeline. It uses “7 Great Lies/RNM” at the beginning as the funded proposal then introduces the need for the 90 Marketer System later integrating collateral marketing (mainly through Send Out Cards though other possibilities are introduced) as the attraction and relationship marketing system. This ultimately builds the relationship with the prospect thereby opening the door to your personal opportunity. It uses affiliate relationships (as does RNM and RU-Pro) to help fund marketing costs while you are working to build your system.