Maybe your one of those struggling MLM network marketers who’ve been searching for answers to their ongoing problems with sponsoring people into their business opportunity.

Or maybe you’ve been fortunate to come across a helpful resource (like this one) that’ll explain what is attraction marketing without learning the hard way that most uplines STILL spoon-feed to their downline.

In either case, your still pretty darn lucky.

Most MLM network marketers’ will never know what I’m about to share with you, and will never know what it’s like to taste bittersweet victory in this industry.

So, what is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is the art and science of attracting highly qualified leads whom are specifically interested in you and what you have to offer them. These leads often call you first asking you to do business with them. Why? Because the ball is played on your court, and you can easily kick them out of the game if they aren’t willing to play by your rules.

Because they now have something to lose (a shot at working with a genius marketer – that would be you!)

You’re part-owner (the other part being your sponsoring company) and head coach of a professional team, and you pick and choose who you want to work with to develop into MLM network marketing superstars.

Attraction marketing is knowing that no matter how many scripts you memorize off the back of your hand, it will never compare to the red hot sizzling leads you generate on your own who make the effort to pick up the phone and practically beg to work with you.

That’s the essence of what attraction marketing is.

Why is attraction marketing crucial to your success?

I guarantee that most uplines are clocking in long hours to keep their incomes at the 5 to 6 figure level there at right now. Most suffer from burn out and would trade it all to spend just one day with their family without half of their downline dropping off overnight.

Most uplines would give an arm and a leg to know what you’re learning right now.

There’s no question attraction marketing’s the way to not only generate a handsome 5 to 6 figure income for you, but it gives you more time freedom to enjoy the income you make – and not worry about losing half of your downline because you’re not picking up the phones cold calling leads every day.

Just to be clear: There is no right or wrong approach to marketing your MLM network marketing company. You can choose to market using the old fashioned ways. But why go through all the work and trouble? Old school and New School is to – work hard vs. work smart – or, the joker vs. the batman (what can I say; I’m a comic book fan).

What Are The Dangers of A “Scarcity Mentality” in Attraction Marketing?

Here are just a few examples of some common frustrations most MLM network marketers experience: Constant rejection – Struggle for approval from their prospects – a painful emotional attachment to a desired outcome – desperation to make a quick buck (and still have no luck) – prospects not responding to their “spammy advertising”.

Burn this statement in your mind:

He/She who cares the least, holds the power.

Burn that statement in your mind for several minutes until it’s tattooed on your mushy brain.

Most MLM network marketers put a lot of pressure on themselves to chase after this elusive goal of “success”. They push and shove, afraid that what they feel is rightfully theirs, is going to somebody on the first page of Google.

They see their fellow marketers as competition rather than co-ompetition.

Most MLM network marketing business owners fail because they feel or think their success is based on “beating out the competition”. When there is plenty of money and abundance to go around.

So Stop worrying about the outcome of your business and what everyone else has accomplished and start learning how to grow yours. If you lighten up a bit, you will start to see really “odd miracles” in your bank account. And I do mean “odd”.