Internet network marketing is the act of building a network marketing business using internet marketing strategies and techniques.

While the Internet has been around for quite some time, combining the internet and MLM into a successful business model has been a phenomenon that is fairly recent in nature.

Network marketing has been around for several decades.

The Internet has only been around for the last 10-20 years.

Of course, once people saw that the internet was going to be an integral part of our society, many entrepreneurs saw the value in using the internet to build a business.

Network marketers were certainly among the number.

Prior to the law being passed regarding the use of email and SPAM, many business owners, including network marketers would either build huge lists of emails themselves or purchase/rent lists of emails from other businesses so they can promote their products, services and business opportunity.

This allowed distributors to contact large amounts of people, but didn’t allow distributors to build relationships, which as we know is vital for successful recruiting and team building.

As the internet became mature and laws started to get past around the use of email, many network marketing distributors gave up on trying to build a business combining the internet and network marketing.

The problem was their recruiting efforts were either very ineffective or it worked for the individual marketer but couldn’t duplicate down through the organization because very few people can do them successfully.

The only distributors that were able to build lasting success using the internet and network marketing were distributors who focused on taking advantage of internet strategies that allowed a relationship to be built.

Distributors that took advantage of chat rooms, instant messaging and other personal and interactive communication strategies were able to market their business successfully on the internet simply because they used the same time proven strategies that worked offline and simply found an online application to them.

While these communication strategies worked very well, the problem was they still didn’t solve a major problem many distributors were coming across.

As the internet began to expose and educate more people, more people became aware of the business model of network marketing.

Since bad news travels much faster than good news people began to develop a negative perception on the industry.

There was a serious need to be able to pre-qualify prospects so that a distributor wouldn’t waste time with someone who wasn’t interested.

However, there really was no way to pre-qualify a prospect successfully without actually spending time talking or communicating with the prospect.

As the internet began to grow and more valuable marketing services began to form like pay per click marketing and lead capture pages, this set the stage for the birth of attraction marketing, an internet and network marketing business model of prospecting for network marketing businesses highlighted in the books “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard and “The Renegade Network Marketer” by Ann Sieg.

With this business model a network marketing distributor is able to attract a prospect to a web page using strategies that are designed to identify people on the internet most likely interested in what the distributor has to offer.

The lead capture page acts as a method of pre-qualification.

If the person is interested in learning more, the person provides his or her name and email address.

This allows the person’s information to get loaded into an autoresponder, which automatically sends the person emails.

Ideally the emails promote a product that allows the distributor to earn an income even if the prospect doesn’t join the business.

This is called a funded proposal.

Recently a concept called web 2.0. has permeated the internet.

This concept is based on the fact that web pages created to provide interaction for multiple users are more effective than web pages with only one person providing content.

Using web 2.0 web sites, a network marketing distributor now has the ability to identify clear communities of people that are more likely to be interested in his or her products, services and business opportunity.

It also allows the person to brand his or herself and build a relationship with prospects online.

How does this benefit a network marketing distributor?

Network marketing is a relationship business.

If you are able to establish a relationship that causes the prospect to reach out to you instead of you reaching out to the prospect you have a much greater chance of recruiting the prospect.

The more prospects you can cause to reach out to you, the easier your recruiting will be.

Recruiting becomes fun instead of a chore and you are able to create success faster and more effectively for yourself and your team as a result.