Network Marketing is surrounded by all sorts of myths, rumors, disappointing facts, and scams that people tend to believe that high profits in NM are myths, rumors, deception, and scam. There are millions of disappointed, frustrated and even depressed network marketers who lost their faith in their business as an income-generating system. The lion’s share of contribution to people’s distress related to network marketing belongs to network marketers themselves. Let me explain why.


Network marketing is one of the best business models people ever invented. And like any system network marketing is just a tool that was designed to generate income for those using it. Unfortunately, any tool can become harmful and destructive when used inappropriately. For example, we cannot imagine a kitchen without a knife. It is one of the main tools of a cook. But at the same time, when used inappropriately, a kitchen knife may become a deadly weapon in the hands of an unsound person.


Unfortunately, there are unsound people or, frankly to say, crooks that take the awesome tool of network marketing to deceive people, deprive them of hope, break their trust, and smash their faith in network marketing against their, the crooks’, greed and starvation for money. They feed their prospects with false promises of unbelievable riches, lifestyle of the rich and unprecedented income potential. They trigger these hot buttons because they work. Who does not want to have plenty of money? Who does not want to spend time on exotic islands lying on beaches? Who does not want to have an income that never ends and does not require your physical presence to show up on your bank account? Most people would want that. But why the crooks do what they do? Do not tell me because they are crooks. That is, too. But they do that because they are lazy to learn legitimate business practices that attract prospects for long-term relationships. They fail to realize that sooner or later people they deceive will see who the crooks really are – wolves wearing sheep coats.


Network marketing business model was designed to solve people’s problems, not to create them. And like in any profession people have to learn how to use its tools, network marketing is no exception. Network Marketing Business equals Building Networks by means of Marketing with the Business-ownership mentality. Without knowing these three key elements it is going to be hard, if possible at all, to make money and provide for your financial future.


How can you recognize if what you do as a network marketer is a right thing to do? There is no single answer to that. But the following points will help you understand what you might be doing wrong and stop doing it. Your approach to network marketing is incorrect if you:

Lose more money than you make
Chase people down in order to make a sale
Are told to sell while knowing nothing about sales
Create rejection upon rejection without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
Are told to overcome rejection by disregarding peoples’ “no”
Are told that “no” does not really mean “no”, but simply “may be”
Pitch people
Your sales presentations are full of hype rather than solutions for people’s problems
Do not set building long-term relationships with your prospects as a goal
Think that every single person is your prospect
Bug your friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, etc., trying to sell them your opportunity
Attend motivational meetings to charge up your glowing internal motivation
Network with “wrong” people
Always wonder why only the tiniest minority of network marketers seem to really make money and you do not
Do not study marketing
Do not self-educate in areas such as personal development, communication, finances, business management, time management, leadership, and more.
Do not use the Internet as a marketing tool
Hate doing what you’ve been doing
This seems to be a long list, but it only reflects the tip of the iceberg of problems frustrated networkers face today. If you recognize the activities mentioned above that you have been involved with, stop it. Stop it today, before you, too, as millions of network marketers throughout the world lose your faith in network marketing. “Try something else”, as Thomas Edison used to say. You may not know me and have no reason to trust my following statement, but nevertheless I want you to believe it: Network marketing business model does work. It always did.


The problem is that most of us refuse to admit that we are the problem of network marketing if we stubbornly persist in doing what doesn’t work. People are not given driver’s licenses before they learn how to operate a vehicle. Today, millions of people involved in the wonderful business of network marketing possess “licenses to operate this vehicle” without knowing and learning how to operate this “vehicle”. And I was no exception. I’ve accumulated so much failure in this business that I’m ashamed talking about it. But a day came and I decided to “try something else”. I did not get an enlightenment, nor did I “crack the secret code” of NM. There is none. I was shown simple methods that work and I was guided step-by-step toward success. I eagerly started learning marketing, and I still am. What about you?