Email Marketing succeeds as a form of direct marketing because compared to printed mail or printed newsletters it delivers immediate results, statistics are easily tracked, and it is inexpensive. Email marketing not only receives quicker response rates, it also saves a significant amount of time. Unlike mailed advertisements there is little delay and unlike web sites which rely on site traffic to generate sales, advertisers can push sales without waiting for someone to visit their web site. Mailings that are regularly sent out on a lets say weekly, bi-weekly, or a monthly basis are an affordable way of automatically attracting repeat business. Mailings that are properly formatted and contain brand logos reinforce brand identity and product awareness.

The immediate impact of email marketing can be seen in generating web site traffic. This represent a golden opportunity for marketers to make money through advertising. This is all the more true when taking into consideration that ideally you will be reaching out to a vast pool of subscribers who have opted in to receive mailings based on subjects that are of genuine interest to them. You can use embedded links in your mailings to direct customers to areas of your site that hold their interest. Then you can follow up with personalized mailings that contain targeted content.

Newsletters afford marketers the interactivity and personalization that print based marketing never had any way of achieving. Managing your list of subscribers with a database that may include any number of subscriber fields allows you send mailings in bulk and at the same time keep a high level of personalization. You can generate subscription forms that contain any number of subscriber fields with customer data such as address, zip code, gender, and country. You can then include this information in mailings by using personalization tags or you can create sending filters to send to groups of subscribers based on subscriber fields.

Email marketing is especially attractive to marketers because it delivers results that are measurable. Newsletters allow advertisers to track users through statistical tracking which can include bounces, unsubscribes, read opens which track which subscribers have opened and read a mailing, and link tracking or click through rates. These statistics can be used to correlate Marketers can then employ new strategies in order to strengthen response rates.

Email marketing has been widely hailed as second only search marketing as an effective online marketing tactic. Unlike mailed advertisements there is little delay and unlike web sites which rely on site traffic to generate sales, advertisers can push sales without waiting for someone to visit their web site. There’s also an eco-friendly reason for going with email marketing route. Unlike its print based cousin email marketing is green friendly as it is paper free.

While email marketing is legitimately used by reputable businesses in order to market to their existing client base, unsolicited mailings known as spam continue to cloud the industry by infuriating about anyone that has ever had an email account anywhere. As previously mentioned this is not only disruptive but it also cast a shadow over anyone that email markets as sometimes even legitimate permission based mailings are misidentified as spam.

Because the medium has been pervasively exploited legislation has become necessary in order to combat spam which has universally become a headache for individuals and businesses alike. Businesses interested in email marketing should thouroughly investigate anti-spam legislation such as the United States’ CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act). The name itself points to spams seedy nature in delivering mailings that our not only unwanted but offensive in nature. Also be sure to study the European Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 or your Internet provider’s acceptable use policy. Some ISPs have restrictions on the mailings that you are allowed to send so that is also something you will need to check before hosting your own email marketing solution.