Online marketing has seen the discovery of many Individual and new marketing strategies many of which are considered to be among the most effective in reaching the target audience. Starting with list exchanging, to email marketing and the latest, video marketing, Online marketing has seen many phases of different marketing methods and there may be many more to come in the future.

These days, Hybrid marketing is the new strategy to explore, where many marketers combine different marketing strategies to get more desired and industrious results.

One among them is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing. But before discussing how this can be done, I gave a thought towards to the other side of it – Can Affiliate marketing be a part of MLM? On putting thought to it I could perceive it in two ways.There is a thin line separating the two, but still they make a visible difference.

I Perspective

MLM is built on the concept of Pyramid scheme. It is described as a tree with many branches. It is one of those strategies where everyone from the root to the top-most branch of the tree is benefited, though to different extents. MLM gets it strength from networking and trust.

Affiliate Marketing on the same lines can be thought of as a I level pyramid. Through the personal affiliate link you can market the product as an affiliate and every time the product is bought through your link, a percentage split is shared with you. Now there can be many such affiliate links through which the next level below you can buy the product. In this way there is always one person getting benefited (the originator himself) and the marketer one level down. Although the levels further down do not gain from it directly, they can get benefits from the internet traffic that is drawn to their websites by providing the first level marketers, a platform to market the products.

II Perspective

Looking at it at a slightly different perspective, affiliate marketing does not pass the benefit down the line unlike MLM. It stops at the first level below the root. So it’s always the developer of the product who gets the maximum benefit of all the sales made since the reselling rights cannot be passed by the first level, down to any further levels. The product can only be sold by getting the rights from the developer of the product.