Website marketing can make or break both large and small companies in this day and age. There are plenty of SEO companies specialize in marketing websites for a fee. Search engine optimization is the technical term for strategically marketing a website for placement at or near the top of the major internet search engines. Can a Mom and Pop business compete with the big guys without hiring such a company? The answer is yes… absolutely. The internet is home to unlimited information regarding this topic. The information is there for the taking.

Search engine friendly web pages should be constructed using the methods openly described in detail all over the internet. This is the foundation of internet marketing. Proper html programming, the choice in domain name, unique and descriptive photos, and original content are the keys to a successful website. These well known techniques are well within the control of the website owner and can be managed with a few touches of the computer keyboard. However, there are also many strategies that business owners can use to promote their business without ever hiring a soul.

It is important to realize that the internet no longer honors a magic bullet with instant results. Good web marketing can take months. First look to your website’s content. All content on your company site should be unique. It’s better less content that it is to see duplicated content. Frequent updates are wonderful and the updates are even better when the content is unique. Your company’s product or service is your targeted keyword phrase. You may have more than one. Pages should contain repeated keyword or key phrases at the level of about 2% of your total words on the page. Overdoing the keywords can get the page suspected of keyword stuffing. Then there is link building. Websites thrive on a good mix of incoming links from various sources. Incoming links to the main page as well as links that favor an internal page are equally important. This can be accomplished by submitting the company site to directories. These have lost some of their clout in recent years, but still may count in your favor. This varies depending on the particular directory. No matter what you do, be sure to submit your site using with various titles and various keywords whenever possible. More variety in link titles, the better the result. If you company has a novice writer on staff, write a few how-to articles and submit them to various article websites. These too will build back links to your company site which can multiply if your article becomes syndicated to other websites. Another source of incoming links is through web forums. Your signature can contain a link back to your company website. The more you post, the more your link is spread across the net. Blogs and blog comments are another easy source for links to your site. Blog commenting is ideal for getting a few more back links usually from the same topic. Social bookmarking is the latest method of link building to take shape. Use of these bookmarking services is recommended but it’s too early to tell just how much benefit is actually there at this time.