While planning for a trip in a foreign country, you need to consider the means of transport to use. Of course air transport comes as first choice since you need a flight to the guest country and this is unavoidable if it’s a cross continent trip.

Once you arrive to your destination, it is likely that you need a car to drop you to the hotel or transfer you to another town. This is when you need to contact a trusted car rental company.

In Uganda, the most convenient ways are Self drive car hire or car hire with a driver since taxis, buses or any other forms of public transport seems to be a turn off especially at the start of your trip.

Self drive car rental has been considered convenient by previous guests on grounds that it offers high levels of privacy and saves you the driver’s charges.

On the other hand, some travelers prefer car hire with a driver to self drive because the choice offers them full time to concentrate on the adventure and saves them the navigation issues. Some roads in the country really need an experienced driver who has used “Ugandan driving skills” before.

Depending on the travel schedule, the ideal car for rent in Uganda should be a full time 4×4 car since most of the roads require four wheel drive if you are to have a smooth road trip.

The roads in National parks are a little slippery and the driver should always ensure that the speed does not exceed 40KmHr. Over speeding could lead to accidents and harm to the people on board a thing no one wishes to experience during the trip.

Recommended speed while driving on the high way is 80KmHr

Car type-common car for rent in Uganda

Car types available for rent in Uganda include the Rav 4, Land cruisers, Safari Jeeps, Super customs and Mini-vans.

The car choice should depend on your budget and the travel plan. For Budget travelers, it is advisable to consider renting a Rav 4 since its car rental fees are low and the fuel consumption is also low.

The limitation with hiring a Rav 4 is that you cannot have a roof top tent.

You can as well reserve a Land cruiser Prado 2700 cc in case you cannot find a Rav 4 or you just prefer to have a land cruiser on your trip.

Discussions of RAV 4 Vs Land Cruiser in Uganda usually favor a Land Cruiser since it is raised and comfortable. The Land Cruiser Prado is faster and can go longer distances compared to the Rav 4.

The Land Cruisers have four common models for rent in Uganda namely the TX/TZ, V8, GX and Tan (Extended) these are considered to be mid range cars and the car rental fees range between 70 dollars to 100 dollars per day. These prices are discounted if it’s a long term car rental.

The prices might also be low if you book your 4×4 car early enough.

Please note that the car rental company can help you reserve gorilla trekking permits at no administrative charge