In a house, lighting is just as essential as the flooring and the walls. In a room, chandelier illumination serves two distinct purposes. It’s quite simple to notice how decorative this is. But when used in conjunction with track lighting or recessed lights, these unusual lights also serve the purpose of distributing even light across the space. Relying on a single chandelier to illuminate a whole space is not a good idea. The chandelier lights purpose is to adorn the room’s focal point. The brightness of the lights or their high wattage should not be turned up to the point where they shine directly into people’s eyes. So that the beautiful arms, metal work, and globes may be seen, soft bulbs should emit less light, like a gentle giant.

The arms of a chandelier should not be hung below eye level when it is placed over a table. This creates a cosy space where those illuminated may still appreciate the light while conversing with those seated at the table.

Before hanging a chandelier, make sure you weigh it. The antler lights and metal working ones might weigh up to 80 pounds or more each. To fully support the additional weight, the ceiling may require the addition of specialised brackets or framing.

The size of the chandelier lighting fixture should be determined by the room’s measurements. The perfect mini chandelier for a den or library. They are excellent for dining rooms or vast spaces, as are their larger wrought iron chandelier counterparts. Homes with a western theme look great with antler chandeliers. Additionally, porches and sunrooms are ideal spaces for outdoor chandeliers.

Whatever you decide, it should be a very personal decision. In the end, how you feel about the decisions you make is what makes your house your personal castle, not what the interior decorator thinks. You won’t be at all dissatisfied with your chandelier lighting because it comes in a wide variety of styles and options.