The most common email marketing mistakes made by marketing newbies is that they don’t super-seed any of their email marketing efforts with a free giveaway.

If you are capturing the contact information from ‘raving fans’, then you must be taking advantage of the redirect URL that is a feature of many email auto-responder programs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry.

Many internet market gurus are claiming that email marketing is dead, yet ironically, these very same marketers are the same people who send out at least 3-5 messages delivered via email each-and-every week. Not only is this humorous, but this very little nuance reinforces just how powerful email marketing really is. I don’t believe that it will ever be dead, so go grow your list!

Although it is true that social media correspondence happens in real-time (which has killed blogging), many of the “generation Y” members of the online community despise email because they’re growing up without it being a prevalent modality of marketing in their lives. I believe email marketing to be the “Holiest of holy’s” when it comes to hitting your ‘raving fan’ following base where it counts. An email inbox is still the most weighed location for most people online.

Many newbie marketers don’t nearly take advantage enough. For some, this may be due to the hype-type marketers that have influenced them away from placing a larger influence on email marketing and for others it’s simply because they don’t know how to effectively put together an email marketing sales funnel. Email sales funnels provide for much prosperity in today’s economy.

Ask any internet market veteran and they’ll tell you the importance of an email marketing follow-up funnel… after all, this is what’s paved their way for success.

The 3 most common email marketing mistakes made by marketing newbies:

1. Not Personalizing Messages- The sweetest sound to anyone on this planet is their own name. Address the individual who granted you permission to market to them by name. It makes sense and is common courtesy.

2. Not Linking Other Content In Emails – Creating a web within the web should be your primary goal. If you’re making content to support your online efforts, link to it for crying out loud!

3. Withholding The Facts -Beating around the bush is great when small-talking, but get to the point already because your email list has a direct correlation to the value of your online empire.

In conclusion, the “online ocean” is no longer the “Wild-West.” Whether or not you got started late in the game or are simply too young to remember the good old days really doesn’t matter, success in this “new age” era has you competing with sharp-shooters who have been marketing online for a long time.

They know the way it is, but unfortunately for you, you’re just learning the ropes. Stay patient and I look forward to the futures of your success – good luck sensai.