There is some good news for Match group investors; globally, online dating has become a trend, and it is getting more sophisticated daily, according to Loop Capital.

Match Group owns several dating apps, such as; OkCupid and Tinder, among other successful ones to serve online dating needs and wants.

The revolutionary technology has empowered deeper connections, forcing the company to employ a large number of employees to introduce new people restlessly. 

In return, they celebrate millions of matches. Generally, the company made it possible to meet your soulmate online without moving an inch.

Is a good stock to buy?

The answer is yes.

This is because the company earns revenue by selling premium subscriptions to its users who are on the hunt for better and improved services to improve their chances of matching with a mate effortlessly. The whole process is digitalised, leading to a highly high-profit margin.

The company has generated $3.11 billion and an operating income of $878 million, 28% for an operating margin from app stores, still reinvesting heavily for growth purposes.

In 2022, the Match group has fallen out of favor, down to 45%. This is because of the broad market sell-off. In a favorable situation, the company has continued to grow, a stock buying opportunity for long-term investors.

Should you invest $5,000 in Match Group right now?


This is because the company has experienced losses in 2021 of about 12%. With the hope that 2022 will be better, the bad news is an additional loss of 15% is shared up to date; it is yet to get better.

With tinder and its evolved attraction features, there is light at the end of the tunnel (Reference: ).

There are various advantages and disadvantages in relation to investing $5,000 in Match Group in 2022. 


There is always room for substantial margin expansion

The company has a robust profit margin leading to a break-even margin after acquiring Hyperconnect. Investors interested in long-term business will experience raising profit margins once the Hyperconnect matures; there are zero chances of dragging groups’ overall margin down.

Probability of low store fees for smartphone applications

There are chances of Google and Apple reducing the mobile app store for Match Group.

A durable industry

The number of dating applications is growing and increasing every day, leading to a consistently growing company worth investing in. This should be your retirement plan as an established millionaire.

Hinge growth explosion

This should be considered the main reason to attract investors who are sure and believe in Hinge’s growth explosion that will lead to a greater height for Match Group’s future revenue.



Online dating is a very competitive field with several applications; people have different preferences and tastes.

Balance sheet

This is where accounts have a difference between the purchase price and the recorded book value.


“Revolutionary technology has led to increased dating applications, especially for Match group companies focused on giving the best services to deepen the connection between its users”, says Krystyna Trushyna, founder of, a website set up to give dating and relationship advice. A high growth profit margin makes it a good and worth investment with a few dollars to generate revenue.

You are advised to invest in Match Group despite the chances of facing disadvantages which are avoidable in the near future, such as; competition; (with a well-built company like Match Group, competition will be the least of your worries). 

The good news is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.