The Internet has changed the way we live. The changes are expected to continue and even accelerate as technology improves and the pricing of telecommunication infrastructure decreases. The way we do business is also undergoing a dramatic change. Doing business on the internet now involves an ever-expanding array of strategies and techniques. Every organization realizes that it imperative to have an internet component. However, despite the recognized importance of being on the internet, there is still no standardized way of teaching courses in online marketing.

The situations are indeed very complex as there are so many different parts to the online marketing process. Internet marketing will present opportunities for the marketing professional, with knowledge of the online process.

It is very easy for the untrained person who ventures into doing business in the internet era, to be easily overwhelmed, especially by the wide and varied activities that may be involved or associated with online marketing. In that respect, some structure and formality should be introduced into developing courses in online marketing.

There is no definitive answer as to what must be included in any courses when promoting on the internet, and it may be impossible to include all aspects, but what appears to be fully understood and by no means under-appreciated is the ever-increasing importance of online marketing. Is marketing a skill or a science as it applies in the online world?

The answer appears to be something of a blend of both disciplines. Still a relatively new area, there may be some structural changes taking place as more educational institutions are beginning to offer courses in marketing on the internet. One particular University offers a very extensive program that includes over fifty different sections that run the gamut from email marketing to pay per Click Advertising.

You may now ask, if knowledge of all disciplines are necessary? Again there is no simple clear-cut answer or solution, but a lot may depend on the focus desired. Many people have become successful by focusing on one or two areas, but how do you decide the area on which to focus. Again, this is where the skill of evaluation comes in.

With more formal structures in place, it may be easier to replace the trial and error situations, which can be devastatingly expensive. The success rate of people who take courses in Internet marketing is extremely low. There may be several reasons, for this, some may be mostly which they tend to participate is not matched with their personality and other reasons are because of the inferior quality of the course material which was not designed to teach or instruct anything, but simply to generate income for the publishers. The online market is still unregulated, so the question now becomes how or who should regulate it.