Are you getting angry because you watch all the top income earners just continue to have success in your MLM company, and not you? The ones that keep walking across the stage to accept those huge checks.

Not to worry, these people have just mastered a few MLM marketing skills. And the best part is, you can do the same.

When you first started to ride your bike, did you just one day get on it and start riding? No, you had someone helping you. My dad helped me when I first started to learn to ride my bike. He would hold the back of the seat, and run until I got the hang of it, then let go.

Yes, I fell a few times, and I am sure you did the same. But what happened over time? You learned the basic skills of riding the bike, and within a very short period of time you couldn’t get off that bike.

MLM marketing is the same. You need to learn the basic skills, and you’re going to need a little help while you learn. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, to be successful in your MLM company. Well then you will be the one walking across the stage collecting the bonus checks.

MLM Marketing is a very simple concept. Just like riding your bike is very simple. But it can be difficult at first, because you are learning something totally new. MLM marketing is using a technique called “positioning.”

Positioning in MLM marketing is finding your target market. Find the people who are actively looking for MLM products or services. Once you find this target market, then you just position yourself in front of them.

Look at the bears in Alaska that sit in the river and catch fish. The bears position themselves right in the middle of the river. Wait for the fish to jump, and then just catch them. MLM marketing is the same, you put yourself in the river and wait for your target market fish to swim upstream.

Network marketing has one target market. That is other people involved in network marketing. 30 million people are actively involved in some MLM company. Out of the 30 million only 3 understand MLM marketing techniques, and make the all the money. The rest of the 27 million is your target market. They are struggling, and need training.

Now that you understand your target market, it’s time to put yourself in front of them.

We have the greatest tool ever created in the history of the this world, called the Internet. Positioning yourself in front of others has never been so easy.

Facebook can be the start. Create a profile you will use only for MLM marketing. Then start to build a friends list of other people interested in network marketing. That list will be you, positioning yourself in front of the target market.

Building a list of people who are interested in learning MLM marketing skills is your second way to position yourself. Setup a landing page and start to collect emails. Then let your autoresponder do all the daily emails for you.

Video marketing is a third way to use MLM marketing techniques. Create little training videos that will help others. Teach them MLM marketing skills.