The key to using the principles of attraction marketing in any market, is to understand the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies of the market you are working in. No matter where the market is whether it is Asia, the USA, Russia or Australia or any other country you care to name, the principles of Attraction Marketing not only work they remain the same as long as you use local cultural guidelines.

Attraction Marketing simple means attracting to you, people that resonate with you, your ideals and the value you represent, in particular to them. Just like Law of Attraction, attraction marketing draws together people who have shared views and common interest, so it does not matter what market you are in, it is always working. Attraction Marketing is all about what action you personally take to brand and present yourself and the relationship you forge with others once you have connected with them.

Adjusting to local market differences does not necessarily mean that you will need to learn different languages or have a detailed and complex understanding of every single aspect of life in that particular market place, it simply means you need to develop a general awareness of that market.

For instance most members of the Asian community respond strongly to personal contact so your attraction marketing needs to quickly bring them to being able to speak with you. In Australia you need to be aware that a large number of people can be very wary about doing business on the internet and market to them accordingly.

In some cultures there will be acceptable codes of practice for personally connecting with people, as long as you make yourself aware of and abide by those codes of practice, the principles and success of Attraction Marketing will work effectively in every marketplace.

Attraction Marketing is not about drawing people to you via the internet and figuring they will be so attracted to you and your brand that they will want to do business with you straight away. Attraction Marketing is a process. A process of creating an initial connection and then building trust and a relationship with those who are attracted to you as a person and to your values and beliefs.

To make sure you form really strong and worthwhile relationships you must make personal contact with people in one way or another. That contact can be by phone or meeting in person or perhaps through video hook up using Skype or a similar programme.

Here are three simple steps to begin putting the principles of Attraction Marketing to work for you.

1. Know exactly who you want to attract:

Many times people join the Network Marketing Industry and quickly work out what they want to earn, however they spend little or no time deciding on the type of people they want to work with. So no matter what market you are looking to enter come up with a profile of who it is you want to attract.

2. Know exactly what Niche you are targeting:

Successful marketing is all about target markets and niches. Every heard the expression trying to be all things to all people could result in you being nothing to nobody? This simple means drill down into the market you are targeting. For example you may be a stay at home mum so targeting stay at home mums could be an obvious choice for you, however if you drill down a little further to say single stay at home mums, or divorced stay at home mums and market to that niche you will find that your results are better and you can create greater relatability and synergy in your business.

3. Study your market and develop a strong understanding of them.

If you want to be Attractive to a market segment then you need to know what they are all about. So study read and listen to your niche and find out what makes them tick what are the major issues they face, get to know them and then build relationships with them that offer solutions for their problems.