Finally, multi-level and network marketing companies are taking a giant step forward in providing their downlines with automated marketing systems. They have moved into the 21st century and are using technology to help people build their network marketing businesses. I myself am involved in two companies who provide these automated marketing tools. These forward-thinking companies are taking the one-one-one coffee shop presentation out of Starbucks and onto the web with sites such as, where the same presentation can be given to a group all at once, instead of to one person at a time. These companies are finally recognizing the inefficiency of old-fashioned MLM marketing techniques and are doing things to help their network marketing business builders become successful more quickly and easily than ever before. Let’s now talk about the automated marketing system that actually leads an interested prospect, step by step, to the desired end result of becoming a member of your network marketing downline.

So, what exactly IS an automated marketing system? Usually it contains a few key components. The first and most important component of the system is a lead capture page, also known as a landing page. This is a web page that someone may visit as a result of advertising, either online or offline, to find out more information about a product, service or business. Usually on the lead capture page of the automated marketing system there is some cleverly written copy, or perhaps a video for them to watch, that will cause the person to want more information and go further down the line toward becoming a member of your organization. A very important feature of the lead capture page is the opt-in form. This form asks the person viewing the site to provide you with his or her name, email address, and if you would like, even their phone number, before you give them more information. That is really exciting, because this one step, and whether or not they choose to take it, is what separates the information gatherers from the people who are hot for whatever it is you have to offer. Do you realize the importance of what I just wrote? The people who fill out the opt-in form have raised their hands and showed you that they are very interested in what you have to offer, and they are giving you permission to market to them. Each person who opts in to your site becomes what is known as a pre-qualified lead, which means they have just pre-qualified themselves as an interested prospect! That has just eliminated most of the work for you in finding out who really wants to hear your story and who doesn’t. With that one landing page, how many people did you have to speak to in order to obtain their contact information? In most cases, absolutely no one! Sure, in some instances you will speak to someone in the course of your day and verbally send them to your site (landing page). Even right there in that one step do you see how the conversation has changed? You are not trying to sell the whole idea right there and set up another meeting with them, you are just sending them somewhere to get more information on their own, and if they want to know more, they will let you know! More importantly though, with this automated lead generating marketing system, once you get all the components up and running and you are driving traffic to your site (more about that in a forthcoming article), it is on autopilot for you! Are you beginning to understand how valuable this type of automated marketing system can be?

Once the reader has opted in to receive more information, this is where the MLM companies with automated marketing systems truly deliver. Some really great companies provide you, the network marketer, with really great marketing pieces that explain the business to the prospect in one or a series of videos, and they provide a way for the prospect to take action. By that I mean there is usually a link for them to sign up or go onto your waiting list, making it virtually effortless for you to bring them under you in your downline. If they don’t sign up then and there, though, all is not lost. That is where the next key component of a good automated marketing system comes into play.

The next important part of an automated marketing system is what is known as an autoresponder. Remember when your prospect opted in to your marketing system to learn more about your business? Well, they handed you valuable information about themselves – their name, their email address, and depending on the opt in form, their phone number. The autoresponder enables you to collect those email addresses and keep them stored in a database so that you can easily send follow up emails to them as a group, instead of sending out individual emails. Guess what else autoresponders can do? You can set up a series of emails and designate on which days you will send them to each prospect, even if they were added to the database on different days! So, you only have to write them once, the autoresponder takes care of the rest. It is sheer genius. One example of an autoresponder site is There are others as well. Better yet, the MLM and network marketing companies who are providing you with automated marketing systems usually have an autoresponder in place for you as part of that marketing system!

Ultimately, a good MLM automated marketing system drives your prospects to join a live recruiting webinar that is usually done by the master marketers of the company, using sites like or This is invaluable to you, because let’s face it, anyone in the beginning of their network marketing career isn’t very savvy at giving the presentation and making conversions happen; that comes with practice and listening to the masters.