The goal of this article is to show you how to do market research for your greater Toronto area business. I will be showing you using the Google keyword tool, it is a free tool and you can find it by searching on Google for “Google keyword tool.”

When you are doing your market and keyword research it is best to look for specific and targeted niche keywords, that your potential customers are searching, instead of using just a the general keywords.

A general keyword would be, for example, dentists and a targeted niche keyword would be a keyword that includes a geographical location, for example:

dentists Milton
Milton dentists
dentists in Milton Ontario.
Why you should look for targeted keywords rather than using general keywords like dentists?

That’s because even though the general keywords get more searches, it does not mean that the people are looking for a dentist, they could be just looking for general information about dentist. Also it would be near impossible to rank your dental business site on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) because there is just so much global competition for the keyword dentist.

However, if you are a dentist in Milton Ontario and you research your keywords for Milton dentists and create an Internet marketing strategy, specifically designed to get found by people in Milton Ontario you can rest assured that you will be found by your target customer.

Also when someone Googles for the search phrase “Milton dentists” you can be certain that these people are looking for a dentist to make an appointment and become your customers. When you are doing your research make sure to target you results specifically for your market, lets say that you want to market only to people in Canada or the United Kingdom.

You need to go to the advanced options in the Google keyword tool and select the country and language you want your results to be in. If you want to market globally just be aware the competition in most niches is fierce.

The keyword tool will give you a lot of other suggestions, which you can also filter out to be specific to what you were looking for. What search volume you consider is completely dependent on how you want to market you small business or how far is the reach of your products or services.

In other words if you will market globally or locally. For global Internet marketing of your business look at the “Global monthly searches and for local business marketing you should be looking at the “Local monthly searches.” You will also be able to get “estimated ppc costs” for each of the suggested keywords. Generally the more costly the keyword per click the more competition and the profit to be made.

When you choose the keywords you that are most targeted and get most of the searches, it is time to check out the competition and to see if there is money to be made in your small business market. To do this go into Google and search each of your keywords.

You can measure the level of competition by looking at the number of search results…this is a number of pages with the keyword. If the search results is 500,000 pages or less you can be confident that with the right Internet marketing strategy for your small business you will be able to rank on first page of the search results.

To find out if your particular niche is profitable check out the sponsored links in the search results. If there is at leas one or two pay per click ads it means that there is money to be made. That’s because these business owners are willing to pay per click, remember they are charged regardless if they get a lead for their business or not. PPC ads mean that there is profit to be made.

Now that you have done your market research and you know how much money on ppc advertising your competition is spending and what keywords your potential customers are using to find your services…

You can start creating a realistic marketing budget and Internet marketing strategies to get lead to your business. Regardless if you are going to use pay per click marketing or organic and social media marketing you can optimize your website and content so that you pay less for your ppc ads and also show up in the organic search results… where more of your customers are clicking.

Not only that but creating the right Internet marketing strategy for your small business will also brand you as a leader and expert in your niche, and create a social buzz in your niche through social media networking.