So, you’ve joined a network marketing company and you haven’t a clue as to what to do; however, you don’t agree with the way your upline/sponsor is telling you to proceed or you just want to learn the most effective way to get into profit quickly. Well, good for you! Your thinking is ‘correct’ and taking the initiative to search for an alternative approach is applauded. So here are the do’s and the don’ts to help you build your network marketing business right from home.

Most network marketing companies are still using methods that came out of the 1960’s. Truthfully, these methods simply are not effective today in the 21st century. For sure, you are given a company website, company brochures and DVDs are awesome, free training is offered, and you may get your first set of business cards absolutely free. But what if I told you that you need very little of this to successfully build your network marketing business from home today in 2011? It’s true! Keep an open mind and read on.

Let’s cover the DON’Ts first, shall we:

1. Marketing To Your Family and Friends (Your ‘Warm Market’): They may buy some products or service from you, but generally speaking, your warm market is NOT your best prospects. Save your time and energy…and savor these relationships vs. using them.

2. Purchasing And Passing Out Loads Of Company Brochures, DVDs, Fliers, and/or Samples: Simply put, you will probably spend a lot of money and time (wasted time) putting these paid-for materials in the wrong hands. A misconception is that EVERYONE is your prospect. Not true.

3. Company Training: Proper marketing techniques and tools are not inherently taught by network marketing companies. To really build a network marketing business today, you need to learn how to prospect or ‘TARGET’ your audience and how to ‘POSITION’ yourself. Unfortunately, I know of no network marketing company that will teach you these crucial methods.

4. Business Cards: Business cards are great when you are at business functions or events where you are exchanging information. Make sure you are putting that card in the right hands…the hands of a true prospect. On the other hand, if you learn how to use proper marketing techniques from your home, guess what? You really don’t need business cards.

5. Your Company Website: This website positions the company, not you. You literally have to invite prospects to your company website; it will not generate traffic for you; and prospects are generally overwhelmed with too much information (about the company, opportunity, products) and they will not stay long on that site. This type of website is a great tool AFTER enrolling your customers or business partners.

6. Weekly Meetings or Presentations: If you like meetings and presentations, then go for it. But the whole purpose in inviting prospects is to have them join you in business. You may find yourself going to meetings without visitors/prospects and paying a fee…ultimately wasting your time and money. Many times you approach prospects as a favor to come along to this ‘mystery’ meeting…and prospects end up disgruntled (or worse) when they’re coerced into what they think is a ‘scheme’ vs. just being upfront and honest with them from the beginning.

7. Biz-Op Leads: Business Opportunity leads are mostly a waste of your money since they’ve usually been around the block a few times…and are not as targeted or fresh as they are made out to be. They are usually expensive, ranging from $1.00 to $150.00 per name. Save your money. There are better ways. Rule of thumb: never pay more than 25 cents for a lead.

8. Leading With Your Opportunity: In growing your network marketing business, if you lead with the opportunity…don’t be surprised when you get responses like “How much are you making, then?” or “How well are you doing?” or “That sounds like one of those Pyramid Schemes!” and ultimate REJECTION. People will not be vested in the product or service. The almighty dollar will speak more loudly and this is what gives network marketing a “PIT OF GREED” look. This is not a foundational way to grow your home business.

These Don’ts, unfortunately, are a recipe for business frustration and poor results for the majority of network marketers. You WILL spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to grow your business with dismal results. Time is money. What is the value of your time…and what do you want to get paid per hour? As an independent distributor, you want to treat your network marketing business as a ‘BUSINESS’ which means financial compensation for your time and energy and a profitable ROI. Having prospects finding you is the best way to start. You want to be the CEO of your company, not an employee of your network marketing company, right?

So what do you need to do to optimize your time and money? Here are the Do’s to build your network marketing business and achieve results. By results, I mean profits and success. Everyone’s definition of success is different; but generally, most people today are looking for financial freedom and time freedom.