All aboard the Facebook Marketing and advertising train.

The platform that started out as a place for friends and family to connect and re-connect, has slowly become the hub for hungry marketers in every niche that exists. From the looks of it, that’s not going to stop or go away for a very long time.

So, if you’re a person who has been bit by the Facebook marketing bug, you definitely should do yourself a huge favor and learn how to do it right. Here are some things to consider.

Marketing and Social Networking

Before we even get into the power of Facebook marketing, let’s consider how social media and attraction marketing fits into this picture. We’ve seen it all. The articles, the videos, the hubs and lenses… do these platforms really make a difference in your bottom line? There are hundreds of marketers online who swear by them… and who would actually probably be lost without them.

Why Is Facebook Such A Giant Marketing Machine?

Here are some facts about Facebook according to

>> More than 500 million people have Facebook pages. This would be the fourth largest population, if Facebook were a country.

>> Nearly 1/3 of the population can enjoy Facebook because it’s been translated into over 100 languages.

>> Out of all of the women in America, 85% of them have a social network profile and 95% of them are on Facebook.

>> Half the people who shop online also have a Facebook page.

So even though these facts are pretty astounding, how does that pan out for marketing… specifically… Facebook Marketing. Does is really work? Well… the answer is… absolutely, BUT… on if you know how to do it right.

The Power of Facebook Marketing

Think about this for a moment. If you know how to use Facebook correctly, if you have a really good niche market or an amazing business opportunity, you could put those things in front of thousands and thousands of people who would actually take a peek. I’m talking about total strangers that you’ve never seen, met, or had a conversation with at all. This works beautifully with the proper marketing strategy.

Bottom Line… Facebook Marketing Works Beautifully If You Work It The Right Way

Let me give you just a few examples.

In November of 2009, Michael Stelzner launched an online publication called the Social Media Examiner. Instead of investing in traditional marketing, he chose to use social marketing. This resulted in him achieving the #1 status for business blogs with Technorati. He reached 100,000 subscribers within his first quarter.
Morton’s Steakhouse decided to run a Valentine photo promotion in 2009… using Facebook as his marketing platform. The result? A tremendous increase in overall business and sales.
We’ve all heard of Target. They started a Party Planning Page on Facebook in 2007. The direct result… a 6% increase in overall sales.
The Desert Gallery of Houston
Target has been on board with Facebook since 2007. Instead of just talking about their business and offering the latest sales flyer, Target started a Party Planning Page. Target experienced a 6 % increase in sales as a direct result.
A Harvard Business Review conducted a case study which included the Desert Gallery of Houston. This Gallery’s Facebook Fan Page drew in 20% more visitors to their store. And believe it or not, these “fans” actually spent 33% more than their ‘non Facebook’ customers.
It’s been stated that by far, Facebook is the best place to find people who will buy from you. But here’s the problem. You can’t just put up a Facebook page and expect people to flock to your offer. It doesn’t work that way. You absolutely have to know what you’re doing… especially with all of the amateurs that have bombarded the platform. So to answer the question… does Facebook marketing work… Yes. For those who know how to work it.