Certainly! Here are some articles and resources on fashion and costume design:

Vogue Business:

Vogue Business covers a wide range of topics related to the fashion industry, including design trends, market analysis, and industry insights. You can find articles on costume design, fashion history, and emerging designers.
The Costume Society:

The Costume Society publishes articles and research papers on various aspects of costume history, including historical dress, theatrical costume, and contemporary fashion influenced by historical styles.
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Library:

FIT’s library provides access to a wealth of resources on fashion and costume design, including articles, books, and online databases. Many of these resources are available online for students and researchers.
Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture:

Fashion Theory is an academic journal that publishes scholarly articles on various aspects of fashion, including costume design, fashion history, and cultural influences on dress. For more information please visit The Emperors Old Clothes
Costume: The Journal of the Costume Society:

Costume is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on historical and contemporary costume design, as well as related topics such as textile history and conservation.
The Cutting Class:

The Cutting Class is a fashion education website that offers insightful articles on fashion design, garment construction, and design analysis. It’s a great resource for understanding the technical aspects of fashion and costume design.

FashionUnited covers global fashion news and trends, including articles on costume design for film, theater, and television. You can find interviews with costume designers, behind-the-scenes insights, and analysis of costume trends in popular culture.
These resources should provide a good starting point for exploring articles on fashion and costume design. Whether you’re interested in historical costumes, contemporary fashion trends, or the technical aspects of garment construction, there’s a wealth of information available to explore.