Front Porch Living

When building your new home, every aspect is important.  It is going to be home, after all!  We ladies specifically may send ourselves into a tailspin when it comes to the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and maybe breakfast nooks, too.  Why is this?  Because all these have to do with where we gather.  We all want to host a nice gathering with friends and potentially show off our home, but if you think like us, sometimes you just want to be outside.  Hence, the greatness of the porch.

Porches are timeless.  Although they can be traced back to the cavemen’s overhanging rock shelters, they were originally introduced by the Ancient Greeks and Romans in the form of columned verandas, which provided shaded walkways surrounding their homes’ interior gardens.  Then, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, loggias were added to public buildings to create a shaded space outside.  The Italian piazza was also brought into play at this time, and it wasn’t long before the porch got its name.

The word “porch” is derived from the Latin word “porticus” and the Greek word “portico,” which were both used to depict a columned entry to a classical temple.  During the Middle Ages, these words referred to a cathedral’s vestibule, which served as a place for service goers to fellowship before and after their attendance.  Meanwhile, in West Africa, porches were well used in the natives’ shotgun houses.  Fast forward to the eighteenth century, when the American colonies were so influenced by the slave trade, and this style of porch began to present itself, specifically in the South, built by African slaves, in order to accommodate for the warm climate.  This, along with the various other cultures and practices brought into the Americas, eventually gave us the famous American front porch.

What we love about the American front porch is the symbol it represents.  Back when it was first introduced to the American culture, families would sit on their front porch in the evening after a long day of work, because it was cooler out there than in the house.  This can paint a soothing picture of community.  Imagine sitting out on your porch at night, and all your neighbors are out on theirs, too!  Although everyone’s keeping to themselves, the wind in the trees the only sound, you have that feeling that you are all one and the same, just enjoying another evening in God’s creation.

Now the first step to unlocking this chilling ambiance is finding your perfect porch.  Whether it’s a farmer’s porch, a nice deck, or a wrap-around, you can enjoy the sunshine, the birds chirping, or even the relaxing sound of rain droplets hitting the pavement.  Not to mention the gorgeous curb appeal it can add to your home!

Let’s look at a few of our house plans that are certain to sell you on the idea of Front Porch Living!

1) The Country Retreat – MEN 5048

2020 08 03095108 plan id376men5048 color

This plan’s farmer’s porch really sets the tone for that “American front porch.”  Can’t you just picture those eighteenth-century families sitting on this porch, telling stories, maybe playing the fiddle… In a way, this porch is like a piece of history, and by making it your own, all those late-night talks on a porch swing you may have will become part of that history, passed down through generations.

2) White Horse Ranch – MEN 5321Men 5321


Ah, the good ole’ wrap-around porch.  Not only does it look downright welcoming, but it also offers so much versatility as a gathering place.  Imagine putting a barbecue grill and a wet bar and stools on one side and some nice outdoor furniture on the other.  Or, our favorite: “Honey, it’s too hot over here, let’s move to the other side, where there’s more shade!”  We could go on and on…





3) Broken Arrow – MEN 5298

Men5298 front rendering

Here is one of our personal favorites.  Right off the bat, this entry porch makes for a homey environment in which to greet your guests.  And of course, we can’t leave without talking about the main porch that sits in front of one of the bedrooms.  Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and just stepping outside directly from your room, coffee in hand, enjoying the silence and the smell of the morning dew.  Or maybe you just want to admire the sunset before you go to bed.  If you’re anything like us, that would be living in heaven.




4) River’s Edge – MEN 5320

Men5320 front rendering

Another wrap-around, but with a twist.  Like we said, we love a bit of outdoor living.  But sometimes it’s just too hot, or the gnats refuse to leave you alone.  This two-sided porch gives you the best of both worlds in that you could choose to lounge in the screened-in area or move to the open area beside it.  There’s even a little spot secluded from the roof, in case you want some sun exposure.  Tanning, anyone?




5) River Falls – MEN 1216

Ndg1216 front rendering

How could we not show off this gem?  This beautiful porch wraps around the home, then protrudes outward to form a spacious deck, perfect for entertaining guests.  Can’t you picture setting up a TV and some tables with food and drinks and hosting a Super Bowl party right there on the deck?  Or, if you prefer the quiet life, it’s also perfect simply for eating a nice dinner outside in the company of nature.


So what are you waiting for?  Explore more of our house plans and find your dream home with your perfect porch today at!