Game developer — who is he and what does he do?

If you like computer games, you are interested not only in the gameplay itself, but also in the possibilities of creating games, then you should think about a profession in this field. To date, these are some of the most popular and profitable online professions. The most popular are game development specialists and game designers.

In this article we will talk about the creator of computer games. I will tell you what a specialist does, what is within his competence, how to find a job and where to get an education.

Game developer — who is it?

By the name of the profession, everyone will understand that a game developer is someone who creates computer games. The name speaks for itself.  But still, let’s talk a little more about the profession. This specialist can independently carry out the entire development process, including design, code writing and testing, and can work in a team with other professionals, where the functionality is divided between employees.

In general, this is the same programmer-developer, only he does not want to solve boring tasks for business, but prefers a virtual world where he creates characters and environments by his own rules, fictional situations in which they fall. Creating games allows you to maximize your fantasies and creativity. Game developers can specialize by the type of console they use or by the genres of games they create.

This job allows you to combine business with pleasure: to do what you love and get a decent reward for it. The demand for good specialists is quite high. Modern game developers work with engines that already assume some ready-made solutions and thereby save time. Of the popular engines, Unity, Unreal Engine and many others can be distinguished.

Specialist functionality

It is clear what a game developer does, and now I will focus in more detail on its functionality in order to understand how the workflow works and how the standard working day of a specialist goes.

Of course, there may be some changes in responsibilities, depending on how the specialist prefers to work – independently or in a team with other professionals.  But still, I will try to present the functionality to the maximum, based on the requirements that customers place on game developers. So:

development of an idea or receipt of technical specifications from the customer and its consideration;

visualization of an idea (working with materials, lighting, texture);

development and programming of game levels;

animating and introducing characters into the game;

adding special effects, animating, working with sound;

working out the functions of the game (what, why, why, how and when);

detailed elaboration of details;

testing and identification of shortcomings and weaknesses;

bug fixes, improvements and possible optimizations to speed up and improve the game;

delivery of the project.

This is the standard set of functions of a game development specialist.  At the same time, more than half of the working time is spent on testing, revision, and correction of the game. It is at this stage that the foundations for the future success of the project are laid.

Knowledge and skills required for a specialist

In order to become a successful game developer, oddly enough, you need to be able to play them well, understand the range of modern games and know what the consumer wants.

Of the professional skills required:

know at least one programming language perfectly;

be able to work with engines;

know how to create 2D and 3D models of games;

know the basics of object-oriented programming;

be able to work with configuring Git versions;

understand the entire creation process and its individual elements;

know the existing genres of games and their features;

be able to work with animation and sound, add special effects.

On the one hand, the profession is creative, and on the other hand, it assumes the presence of a good technical base. Therefore, the developer must have a mathematical mindset and at the same time be creatively versatile, with artistic taste.

How much does a game developer earn and where can I find a job in my specialty?

The income of a game developer largely depends on his experience and place of work.  You can find a job in a game development company and receive a fixed salary and a percentage of income for the completed project. Everything is individual here and depends on the scale of the company.

You can choose freelance and search for customers yourself. In this case, you will receive the amount that you agree with the client. And it all depends on the number of orders that you will conduct at the same time. In this case, the income directly depends on your efforts.

It is worth starting a developer career with an internship in the company as an assistant. This is how you can gain real experience in the profession and learn all its subtleties. And then start working independently. Because, even after training, it is very difficult to find orders without real developments. It is required to convince the client of his professionalism.

If you find a job in large companies, then the income there is much higher and will be measured in dollars or euros.

You can find a job in your specialty on specialized job search services, you can use bulletin boards or social networks. The possibilities in this case are not limited, you can use all the options.

Where to get training in the profession?

For those who plan to study for a game developer, I suggest you get acquainted with the most popular and in-demand paid courses from the best online schools that allow you to study without a specific binding to a specific place and choosing the most convenient schedule for yourself, without interrupting your main activity.

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