Yet again hajj and Umrah organizations in Bangladesh have experienced a breakdown in business as this Umrah season is practically finished. No pioneers could visit Saudi Arabia at this point because of the spike in Coronavirus diseases.

The Hajj Organizations Relationship of Bangladesh (HAAB) additionally communicated worries about whether it will actually want to send Hajj pioneers to Saudi Arabia this year, noticing that the pandemic had seriously affected this area in 2020. francemakkah

The Saudi Middle Eastern specialists suspended Umrah until additional notification on 26 February last year to contain the spread of the novel Covid. The move has hit around 1,238 Hajj and Umrah organizations in Bangladesh, making them lose around Tk3,000 crore in turnover this season.

The misfortunes brought about by the suspension of the Umrah journey just remained at Tk1,175 crore in the past season as the organizations had the option to send a section of fans before the boycott, information from the HAAB have shown. francemakkah

In spite of the fact that Umrah can be played out all the all year, most Umrah pioneers from Bangladesh go to Saudi Arabia during the November-April period, the affiliation added.

Owner Mahmodul Hoque Pearu of Hoque Worldwide Visits and Voyages, a Chittagong-based organization giving Hajj and Umrah journey administrations starting around 1999, told The Business Standard, “My office manages 500-800 Umrah pioneers each season, however because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to send a solitary individual this season till April 2021.

“I have lost business actually worth Tk6 crore this year because of the suspension of the Umrah journey. We had the option to send just 150 individuals till December 2019, which was the last Umrah season.”

Umrah bundles fluctuate from Tk90,000 to Tk2 lakh. A bundle that remembers convenience for a three-star class inn is around Tk1.20 lakh. francemakkah

Hajj journey trapped in vulnerability
Umrah is an Islamic journey to Mecca – the holiest city for Muslims situated in Saudi Arabia – that can be embraced whenever of the year, while Hajj is seen on unambiguous dates as per the Islamic lunar schedule.

Besides, Hajj is seven days in length Islamic ceremony and an unquestionable requirement for monetarily skilled Muslims no less than once in the course of their life.

Every year, around 200-400 pioneers go to perform Hajj through Hoque Global Visits and Ventures. Nonetheless, the organization couldn’t send its 170 hopeful hajjis to the Realm of Saudi Arabia last year because of the pandemic. francemakkah

Around 137,198 Bangladeshis were set to perform Hajj in 2020.

The realm facilitated Hajj in late July last year. Just 10,000 Muslim occupants of Saudi Arabia itself were permitted to take part in it, a long ways from the 2.5 million Muslims from around the world who took an interest in 2019, as per global media. francemakkah

Be that as it may, it is hazy the number of pioneers that will be took into consideration Hajj this year.