Network marketing is a very simple and easy business model as far as what we need to be doing on a daily basis to build it. Basically, what we do is talk to people we know and share with them how our products/services or business opportunity can help them. That’s it, right? When getting down to the basics, that is basically all that we do. Now, the right training, and qualifying/disqualifying people has its place in there as well. But really, there are two specific attributes you must have that will make or break your success in network marketing. What is it?

Influence and Trust!

Most successful network marketers have a lot of influence and trust with the people they know. Unfortunately, a lot of new distributors have little to no influence or trust with their current warm market in regards to their business, which is why a lot struggle, even if they have a huge warm market list. Did you see that I underlined and italicized the word “current” above? Keep reading, and you’ll find out why.

So, what is your most important daily action for your network marketing business?

Your most important daily action is to INCREASE YOUR WARM MARKET LIST!

How big is your current warm market list? Are you adding to that list daily? How are you expanding your warm market list?

Here is why I underlined and italicized the word, “current” above. Most new network marketers are taught to make their initial warm market list, and keep on adding to that list with everyone they know and meet. Right after that, they are taught to go invite all those people to an opportunity presentation, meeting, one-on-one, etc. A lot of presentations are even done online these days with websites, online movies, etc. But, the problem there, is again – little to no influence and trust with those people. They are not taught how to develop and build influence and trust. The result – they face rejection after rejection, which is very tough, especially for the new network marketer.

I am also working on an article right now on my blog about “How To Develop and Build Influence and Trust.” You can read about it soon. I have a true passion for teaching people how to develop those attributes, because that is a very important part of success in our business, if you really want to become a true leader.

So very importantly, make sure you continuously expand the size of your warm market list, and learn how to build influence and trust with them. Whether it’s offline or online, it does not matter. You can meet people at meet-up groups, while you are out, online using internet marketing lead-generation techniques, social media, etc. When you meet people you do not know (your cold market), you must develop a relationship, build influence and trust, and then bring them into your warm market. That is how you increase the size of your current warm market list every day!