The stress of taking the CPA test is enough without adding the worry of awaiting your results. But if you are aware of the precise number of points required to pass the test, you won’t worry as much. Relax a bit and continue reading to find out how the CPA test is scored.

Required Points to Pass the CPA Exam

The cpa-exam-score Institute of CPAs (AICPA) determines all CPA test results, with results having point values between 0 and 99. (not percentages). A passing score is one with 75 or more points; a failing score is one with 74 or less. Each test section’s grading is automated, with the exception of the simulations’ written communication sections. While some written communication replies are assessed automatically, the AICPA may decide that other responses should be graded by people. No matter how your test is scored, all results are confirmed during the scoring process.

How to Distribute Points

30% of the score is based on the simulation parts for the AUD, REG, and FAR sections, while 70% of the score is based on multiple choice questions. The written communication component of the simulations accounts for 10% of the simulation rating. Since there are no simulation parts in the BEC section, the multiple choice questions account for the whole of the section’s score.

Scoring Guidelines

It’s a common misconception that the CPA test is graded on a curve. This is untrue. Each score on the test is a distinct result that is calculated in accordance with predetermined norms. During the scoring process, both the way the right and wrong answers are given and how hard the question is are taken into account.

When will I get my score?

The agonisingly lengthy process of waiting for your score will now begin. For each quarter or testing window, the CPA exam results are issued in two waves, typically three to six weeks following the exam date. Following the AICPA’s transmission of the results to all jurisdictions, it is each jurisdiction’s duty to inform the test takers. You will probably get your notice by regular mail, via the NASBA website, or via an online announcement on the state board website. How you get your score, though, may be different from state to state, so be sure to check with your state board.

You can stop checking your email every five minutes and stop bothering your postal carrier when they deliver your mail now that you have a better understanding of the CPA test scoring procedure and how it works. Even while waiting for your exam results may often seem more difficult than taking the test itself, just imagine how happy you’ll be to learn you passed!

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