SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization ) is a technique that involves a whole series of activities, in order to position the contents of a site in the first Google search results. Having your pages in the top positions in serp, on Google or other search engines, guarantees a massive increase in quality incoming traffic.

Among the various things to do to improve the positioning of content, there is the web hosting factor that must be taken into serious consideration. Read on to learn more about the topic written by Seo Suceava.

What is a hosting

What is called hosting is basically a portion of web space that has the task of hosting a site, or an application, to make it reachable online. The site is hosted on a server connected to the network. The servers are made available by companies called hosting providers, and many hosting packages are included within each single machine (with each one hosting websites).

There are different types of hosting, chosen according to the type of web project you intend to create:

– Shared Hosting: Affordable solution for small websites
– Semi-dedicated hosting: a service that includes both shared and dedicated resources
– Optimized hosting: hosting plan developed to make the most of the CMS, for example WordPress or PrestaShop
– Cloud hosting: Cloud solutions, perfect for high traffic sites
– Dedicated hosting: all resources are assigned to a single customer, therefore an ad hoc solution for large companies and successful e-commerce stores

How does hosting affect SEO? Three determining factors

When it comes to SEO, many focus their attention on some specific techniques such as creating quality content with relevant keywords, or even having a responsive design that is well suited to each device. All right, but underestimating the impact of hosting on SEO is a serious mistake.

In the following paragraphs, the three factors that make hosting an indispensable element for SEO optimization of a website.

#1. Upload speed
The speed of a site is one of the factors that most affect Google’s choice of which sites to reward with the top positions in SERP. When a user does a search, Google aims to return the best websites (on the front page and in the top positions), not only those with the best content but also those that guarantee an excellent user experience. If a site is slow, the visitor will quickly tire and be back to search results in no time. A fast and responsive site, with very low loading times, instead ensures a quick and pleasant browsing experience.

#2. Always be accessible
Is it possible to imagine that Google places websites that are often unreachable in the top positions ? Absolutely not, and it is (also) for this reason that a quality hosting service makes the difference. If a site goes down very often, its positioning in SERP can only be negative. If, on the other hand, the site is hosted on quality servers with good uptime , with the result of always being online and perfectly reachable, it will have enormous possibilities of placing itself at the top of the search results.

#3. Safety
Another determining factor for Google in terms of positioning is the security of a website, and hosting has a great influence on this too. On the web there are various threats that can endanger the security of sites, just think of malware, DDoS attacks and so on. If a site does not guarantee a high level of security, it will never be able to conquer the first positions in search results. In fact, search engines tend to penalize sites that do not prove to be reliable and safe. A quality hosting service includes, among other resources, advanced security systems that guarantee a high level of protection for the sites and users who visit them.

What has been said in the paragraphs of the article makes you understand that, beyond all the other operations that fall within the SEO field , hosting is also a determining factor in terms of positioning. Your job is to choose a reliable service, turning to hosting companies that provide quality servers.