Today’s stock market

The stock market today is extremely unreliable. The uncertainty has reached an all new high, and the august storm is yet to settle. On August 18th, every stock in the S&P 500 fell. For the first time in 70 years, the ten-year Treasury note fell below 2%. During such a time of a volatile market situation, investment with profits has become difficult. The market is predicted to only fall further, with most countries unable to cope with the prevalent economic recession. The latest trends in the banking sector have been of little help. They foretell the high possibility of dangerous times and a monetary tsunami is expected. However, money has to be kept in rotation and stagnancy doesn’t help the economic crisis, both personal and otherwise. Diversifying one’s wealth and protecting it from future economic meltdowns and crisis has become supremely important. The stock market today, however, greatly helps the buyers gold market. There is no better time to be part of the buyers gold market and to become a gold king.

Gold as an investment

Gold is one of the oldest and safest investment options. Being a part of the buyers market helps provide protection during inflation, deflation and fluctuations in the stock market and potential currency value decrease. Being a metal and hence a limited resource, its value has, is and will increase, unlike stocks which rise and fall in value. In this sense, it is similar to an antique collector’s item. This makes the buyers gold market an ever expanding one. Over the years, the value of gold has increased exponentially. If $10,000 was invested in gold bullion in 1999, it would’ve grown to 38,300 by 2009, a startling 283% increase. If the same was invested in stocks of the S&P 500, there would’ve been a loss of 14%. In essence, any such investment would mean that one could’ve become a gold king! Over the past 5 years, gold prices have risen by a whopping 194.41%. Hence, the buyers market has been largely devoid of major fluctuations and losses. The price of gold is at an all-time high. Buying gold and being a part of today’s buyers gold market is the safest bet for investment with profits and sizable returns.

Becoming a gold king by taking advantage of the ever-expanding buyers gold market is not an easy task. Gold is unlike any other real estate or stock investment. Manufacturers, even while running at full capacity are sometimes unable to meet demands of the buyers gold market during periods of gold surges, like in 2008-2009. Gold is unlike other consumer purchases in the sense that it can’t be purchased when the need arises. Hence, waiting around for the gold prices to dip to invest in the buyers gold market is not recommended.