There Is No Doubt – Internet Marketing Requires Client Traffic

That is right – clients – don’t get caught thinking of your audience as simply “customers”. The successful internet marketer has relationships – not customers. One way to initiate that critical relationship is an introduction. One of the most successful means of introducing yourself is through your writing. The Internet term is “Article Marketing”.

This is a highly effective way to promote products and services online. But don’t be fooled – the first thing that is promoted is YOU. Many of the most successful internet marketers will tell you very quickly that they started out with article marketing. It is inexpensive or free – depending on the sites you use. But more importantly. It provides a free form to express your presence in the internet market and introduce yourself to new clients. Create a relationship.

What Makes Article Marketing So Important?

Every internet marketer. The new or old hand must generate traffic to their individual web site to explain their purpose and availability of products to the new clients. Once the client visits, they are encouraged to “sign up” for a free promotion or news letter or similar promotional item – free. Then they are on the marketer’s list and we can freely communicate updates with new product offerings and materials. Article marketing has proven to be an effective means of directing traffic to a web site. People are curious.

They have needs, wants and desires. These articles, when properly structured with the right key word or phrase – lead the client to the products they need, want or desire – quickly. Another means of looking at article marketing is viral marketing. One the article is on the net it takes on its own life – a beacon in the sea of information. You post your articles on a distribution site. Then other website owners will post their articles on their websites. We continue to generate new and “fresh content” to satisfy the client’s needs, wants and desires.

The focus of every program is fresh and meaningful content. It is true that many articles are “repurposed” that is reused. But the successful article marketer ensures that their articles are close to 100% original. Why would someone be interested in “yesterday’s news”? Nonetheless, having said that – every time a concept or article is republished it gains a new life.

What Are The Basics? Very simply, article marketing is a concept that includes the distribution of informative and pertinent articles. The purpose, clearly stated is to encourage a stronger relationship and ultimately meet the client’s needs through a sale, then another sale then another. Each sale creating more and more trust and security that this marketer “knows what I want”.

These articles also can inform and entertain people surfing the web. A key principle is that each of the articles simply must include a link back to the website you want to promote. Most article sites will restrict this to the author box – so the article needs to close there – not in the text.

Frequent Writing – The Key

Fresh, useful content must be sent out frequently as possible. The new clients will be searching every day. So those articles must catch their interest. Your current clients with whom you are building a stronger daily relationship are on your list. They should get special attention as well. Once your business gets underway – there will be a constant demand for new information in two categories.

You will create articles for new clients and informative newsy letters and updates for current clients. Ultimately a third category may emerge. You may create the “preferred client” category to ensure that the bigger client base gets that special TLC necessary for repeat sales and offers.

Should You Be An Article Marketer?

You bet. That relationship is critical for long term success. Sure you may make one sale. If it sticks then you may get something. But the key is to show your client you are genuine and have the ability to meet the needs, wants and desires essential to the client and your business. Articles enable you to show that through thought and action. Some suggest that you may want to “hire” this work done.

I am simply not sure that is a key to early success. The true business owner simply must know every phase of the new business to be successful. Learn by doing. Sure as you grow you can assign certain tasks – but doing them first enables you to learn how to lead, direct and nurture that talent once you choose to employ it. In fact you may find, once you get going that a professional content writing service is an effective way to produce articles and more wisely use your limited time.

Your website should always be the focus of the articles – in terms of what is there for the client. The key articles can address problems and issues centered on products offered on the website or associated links. Your clients or new customer-soon-to-be-client searches the internet for information. They will hit on your article. It strikes a cord – and the link at the bottom of the page (and elsewhere in the article if possible) will lead them to the solution the article proposes to the client’s problem. Bang! A client is born, a relationship created and one of many sales – done!