It is said that 97% of Network Marketers fail! Do you want to be part of the successful 3%? Or do want to be part of the 97%?

Why people fail is pretty obvious. To me it is lack of mentorship. You can not teach someone something that you do not know! We want to blame our failures on our sponsor into the business and their up-line. They can not teach you what they do not know.

Our sponsors and their up-line have been taught the old traditional methods of marketing a network marketing business. The traditional methods work if you have the fortitude to endure bugging everyone you get close to and being told no. The guidance I received was to make a list of all my family and friends. I was even told to make sure to include everyone in my cell phone and not to forget my email list. I was to call or contact all of them and invite them to this meeting about this wonderful opportunity I had for them.

For me that list amounted to 30-40 people who all of them said no. They knew it was some kind of network marketing opportunity as soon as I opened my mouth. Most of us have been approached numerous times already. To be honest I never made it through the list before I got discouraged. I always give up because I can not stand the rejection and being a failure.

I think that is why most people do not want anything to do with network marketing. They can not take that rejection and failure. Most people I talk to believe that the whole idea of network marketing is great, but it is not for them.

So what does it take to be successful at network marketing? We have one of the most powerful marketing tools at our disposal today that was ever created! The Internet! We can reach millions or billions of people all over the world right from our home computers or laptops. Anywhere you can get an internet connection, you can do business. You can find other like-minded individuals that want to join you in your journey.

The first thing I had to learn was I needed to learn Internet Marketing. I had to learn to market to people on the internet. I learned I could not just build a website, tell everyone how great and wonderful me and my network marketing company are, and they were going to make a fortune. All they had to do is just sign up. That does not work.

There is a lot of free information on the Internet to teach you internet marketing. Go on the internet and search for internet marketing and network marketing. Sign up for some of the free video series. You can always opt-out if you do not like them. You can search specifically for training on social media marketing, blog marketing, video marketing, and article marketing.

I learned internet marketing is about building relationships online and not selling. I learned to use the different marketing strategies to build relationships and trust. I learned to educate, not sell, give, not take. I have learned to share what I have learned freely with others.

My up-line in my network marketing business has no clue as to how to use the internet to market their business. My up-line can not guide me or teach me internet marketing. They can not teach me what they do not know. I did the research, watched the free training videos and read a lot of material about network marketing on the internet. I built a blog website. I did blog posts. I got on the social media sites. I was afraid to make videos to put on the internet. I was afraid to put articles on the article websites. I was lost as to what to do. I had no guidance or support. I was struggling not getting anywhere.

I talked to my wife and some close friends and decided to get a mentor. It was like I had all the pieces to a puzzle but did not know how to put them together. I found a mentor. Today I have a plan, guidance, and support from my mentor. Not only that, he has already built a successful Network Marketing Business using the internet!