Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate work from home opportunity for People who want to earn extra money by selling other People’s products (or commonly known as “Affiliate Products”).

One of the most popular Affiliate Network where You can find thousands of affiliate products to promote is ClickBank, but before You jump right into joining an affiliate program, or buying an affiliate product from ClickBank or elsewhere, You may wish to know the Big Lessons I have learned as an online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, so You could avoid the same expensive mistakes I made to save Your time and money.

Big Lesson Number 1: You need to Focus Your time & energy only on a few things which really work to help You earn money the legitimate & honest way. If You don’t have a lot of money, Your time is Your most important asset, and You cannot afford to waste a minute of it. Survival is hard enough for many People today, so You need to focus on “New” business models & business systems which can really help You succeed with an executable business plan which You can understand and follow. The biggest problem today is “information overload”, which will distract You from finding a real opportunity. You need a clear discerning mind to be able to filter through the clutter of distorted information, scams and over-hyped money making schemes, opportunities, products & training programs. Once You found a real opportunity and proven system to help You succeed, You need to focus all Your time & energy in doing a few essential things repeatedly with determination, which will perfect Your skills & ability on Your journey to success. I recommend that if You are starting out in business, You should focus on mastering Your skills in affiliate marketing. Like life, success is a learning process, and only the fittest & the toughest will survive & thrive.

Big Lesson Number 2: You should learn from the best and the most successful Business People & Online Companies, but You also need to incorporate Your own values, ideas and perspective. The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that You don’t need to have Your own product to succeed. You can start by selling other people’s products, and progress to create and sell Your own products later when You have found Your own product idea which add values in helping other People.

Big Lesson Number 3: There are only 2 types of People in the World; those who take money from You, and those who help You earn money on win win. You must work with the right business partners who help You succeed on Win Win, and not People who sell You something to get Your money regardless of Your real needs, whether they are friends selling You a Multi-Level-Marketing money making scheme, or gurus selling You their Internet Marketing courses and How-to programs. You cannot keep on learning from others, and You must start making money by teaching & helping others, and add value to other People’s life. There is a saying “Marketing is Teaching”, and You can add value & create a product or program to teach what You know best to those who want to know the subject matters You are teaching. About selling, there are many Sales People who want to sell You things but don’t care if You really need their products or You will lose money with their products, and there are Marketing People who do care about You and what You really need, and refrain from selling You things You don’t need. Yet there are far fewer Honest Marketing People than Pushy Sales People in the business world today, and there is no doubt that customers like Honest Marketing People and dislike Pushy Sales People. Do You want to be a welcomed marketer or a disliked pushy salesman? For those who are involved in Network Marketing companies, do You really believe every one You come across need Your products auto-shipped to their home, without knowing their real needs? I honestly believe that affiliate marketing is the wave of the future, and network marketing is the thing of the past.

Big Lesson Number 4: Take only manageable risk in investing Your time & money in starting an Affiliate Marketing business or any business. Over 90% of business failed within their first 3 years, so don’t start a business without seriously considering the risks & consequences of losing all that time & money to You. There are plenty of free resources on the internet to help You to start an Affiliate Marketing business, so don’t over investing in learning from the gurus (and they will constantly up selling You from a lower priced program to expensive programs), and it is a relatively low risk business which You can start on part time basis. Affiliate marketing is definitely a big business trend of the future, as it has the lowest risk amongst all business model, and some super affiliates make millions of dollars, who have accumulated a big list from launching their online marketing campaigns. Again, You must filter out the clutter and find only the best products to promote, and make money the honest & legitimate way.

Big Lesson Number 5: The best way to succeed is to Serve other People succeed in business or in life. When You get into business, You want to have happy employers, happy employees, happy customers and happy business partners, right? The best way to do this is when You are a happy Person willing & happy to serve others People through Your business or vocation.

I have learned my 5 Big Lessons the hard way during the past 10 Years, so I created a Collaborative Affiliate Marketing System, with the mission to serve work-from-home entrepreneurs to start and succeed in online business. You can starting as an affiliate marketer, and progress to create Your own products in building Your own Business Empire.