For graduates that are nearing the end or finishing studies, the challenge for getting a job awaits. Starting your marketing career successfully can be challenging without having a clear direction of where you want to go. The following points will empower you to excel in your career and to build your brand as a marketing specialist.

How should you approach your marketing career?

Firstly, you should ask yourself if you want to diversify or specialise in a field of expertise. It generally tends to be easier to get a job by focusing on a specialised field. It allows you to develop your expertise in a niche and furthermore it allows you to move up the corporate ladder fairly quickly. Good niche marketing specialties include the mobile sector, social, search, display advertising, affiliates and email.

What companies should I apply for?

It’s best to identify what company type fits in with your career objectives. There are a few company types including SME’s (Small to Medium size enterprises) to national companies and MNC’s (multi national companies).

To assist your career progression, applying for well branded companies will help you with gaining exposure to brand management experience and will also further boost your brand credibility on your CV as a specialist.

Alternatively, you can also work with smaller companies whereby you will gain the opportunity to develop stronger skills across a range of marketing activities. These will range from administration to planning and implementation. Working in a smaller company allows you to become well rounded in your skill set across a range of marketing disciplines.

Agency vs Client Side
Working at an agency will help to further your skill set in a niche more so than working client side. You’ll have the opportunity to network with a range of specialists across varying disciplines. Working agency side, you will also be exposed to a range of clients across many industry verticals that will allow you to improve your marketing skills and channel in each industry channel.

What marketing skills should I learn in my career?

The skills that you should seek to develop to excel in your career include:

– Gaining strong administration skills in organisation and planning.
– Developing a strong understanding of marketing models including revenue driver models and consumer journey models.
– Developing strong presentation skills to come across confidently.
– Have strong rapport and networking skills to improve client relationships.
– Develop strong sales skills to generate more revenue.
– Ensure that you learn to manage your targets, staff and expectations.

What Tips can I use to find marketing jobs that are suited for me?

A few steps that you can take for applying for marketing jobs include:

1. Using jobs boards like London Graduate Marketing Jobs, Monster, TotalJobs and Reed.
2. Check magazines and newspapers like Marketing Week, The Times and New Media Age for job roles.
3. Use search engines to find marketing roles.
4. Reach out to marketing agencies and companies marketing departments to apply directly for any upcoming roles.
5. Take up an internship to get your foot in the door.
6. Ask friends, colleagues and industry contacts to find out about any upcoming marketing roles.
7. Use Twitter to search for any upcoming marketing roles.