If you’re looking to host a great dorm room movie night, look no further. Read on for some tips and tricks to ensure your movie night is one to remember.

Movie nights are a great option for college students. They give you a chance to unwind and relax while not spending much money. They also give you a low-pressure environment to socialize in. So pick some movies and invite your friends around.


Of course, if you’re having a movie night, you need some good snacks on offer. The obvious choice for movie night snacks is popcorn, nachos, and ice cream. Served with ice-cold coca cola. Since you’re at home, you don’t need to abide by the obvious choice. You can make anything! You could even let your culinary choices be inspired by the film you’re watching. For example, if you watch a movie like Mamma Mia, opt for some Greek delights, like Feta cheese, olives, and Souvlaki.


Seating is super important. Have you ever tried to sit through a film while you are uncomfortable? It’s just NOT a good experience. So, get all your cushions and blankets at the ready. To really step up your viewing pleasure, invest in a big bean bag. An 8ft bean bag can comfortably seat up to six people! Perfect for cozy movie nights.

Movie Choice

The choice of movie is going to have a huge impact on your evening, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its needs to be a classic film. There are plenty of terrible films out there that are enjoyable to watch and laugh at together. Also, to ensure everyone gets to watch a movie they enjoy, you could take it in turns to pick or get everyone to write the name of their favorite movie, mix them together and pull one out of the hat. It’s a super fair way to choose, and with the convenience of streaming services, you’re sure to find most things!


Give your movie night a good atmosphere. While the type of movie you choose may affect the overall atmosphere, they’re small things you can do to make everyone feel comfortable. String up some fairy lights and light a candle to create a cozy ambiance. Ensure everyone’s comfy with drinks and snacks to hand.


The type of drink you choose to serve at your epic dorm room movie night might totally depend on the time of year. If it’s cold outside, there’s no better feeling than snuggling up to watch a film with a hot chocolate or a hot toddy. If it’s a gorgeous summer evening, you’ll want to ensure everyone has an ice-cold drink at hand.


Extra Activities

Feel free to step up your movie night with some extra activities. For example, you could introduce a fancy dress element to the evening and ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite character. Another dorm room favorite is to create a drinking game out of your film of choice. For example, whenever a certain actor says a generic line you take a swig. Do you get the picture?

Movie nights are a perfect pastime and a great way to gather friends to relax, laugh and take in the college experience.