Marketing Your Private Medical Practice Inexpensively is Achievable

A private medical practice often faces a lot of competition from other practices within the same local area.

In general, the most successful practices are those which offer the most satisfactory service.

Happy patients will recommend your practice to their friends and colleagues and in doing so will help to increase your patient base significantly. This can be a long and gradual process, which is the reason why many private medical practice owners employ a marketing strategy in order to attract new patients.

Marketing ideas are not necessarily expensive, and indeed some can be completely free.

Consider the following inexpensive marketing strategies to market your private medical practice;

1. Brochure

Print an informative brochure highlighting the specialties of your particular medical practice. Use your computer and printer to produce a basic brochure concept. Include complete address and contact information and a small map showing major landmarks nearby.

2. Discount Cards

Getting a discount is a big incentive to visit a new practice in tough economic times. There are no limits to what can be offered in a discount card; the key is to be creative.

3. Client Referral System

Each practice might specialize in a different medical issue or treatment, they can therefore refer patients to each other.

4. Gift Certificates

One of the most tested methods of generating new business is the use of gift certificates and coupons. New customers using your coupons and gift certificates can increase the number of customers you see in a typical day, leading to an increase in total daily revenue.

5. Internet Presence

The effective use of the internet and social media to advertise your practice is important considering the increase usage of the internet.

6. Public Speaking

Volunteer to speak at your local Rotary Club, retirement home or children’s clubs as a medical representative. This is a good way to meet people in the community and establish yourself as the local medical professional.

7. Charity

Sponsor and participate in local charity events and donate your time during charity events. Freebie is the best form of advertising these days, it will place your private medical practice at the forefront of people’s minds in a positive atmosphere.

8. Expanded services

Expand your range of services and opening hours. For example, you could start offering extended hours, treadmill testing, house calls, nursing home service and sports physical examinations.

Ensure the additional services speak to your client’s needs and desires. You can acquire this information by surveying your current patients.

How to Market Your Practice in Order to Become Successful and Increase Your Revenue:

Marketing is selling in advance. When marketing is done right the need for selling is eliminated.

The following tips will assist you to become a successful private medical practice owner and increase your revenue.

1. Set a marketing goal.
– Once the decision has been made to market your medical practice, it is essential that you set a realistic and measurable goal.

2. Employ a soft-selling marketing strategy
– Marketing a medical practice is different from other businesses. People’s perception of doctors is that they are life savers not marketers. Therefore a soft-selling marketing strategy must be employed. Consequently, one of the best ways of doing so is to educate your target audience. Educating and helping your target market will help them perceive your marketing as advice or tips not as marketing.