Companies that want to improve their marketing often turn to marketing consultants to answer their questions. A good marketing consultant or analyst should be able to give you good advice that will help to take your business to a new level and attract new customers. Since you might not be a marketing expert or know what to expect from one, it is a good idea to know how to recognize good advice in marketing.

Many self-styled marketing experts perceive when their potential clients don’t know much about marketing and may try to be deceptive and snow clients in with a lot of industry double-talk. Familiarize yourself with what the goals of good marketing are so that you can discern whether or not you are getting good advice from your marketing consultants or service.

Rule #1 – Marketing is not all about numbers

There are a lot of marketing professionals that may throw around some impressive sounding numbers. They may promise that your website will receive more visitors than ever before. While it is rare that more visitors would ever be a bad thing, if your marketing consultant does not have a concrete plan to turn these visitors into customers and just keeps talking about numbers, you may not be getting the best marketing advice.

A savvy marketer should have plans to convert. A media bombing can take place that gets a ton of people to your website, but if they don’t have a reason to buy or come back, these efforts will not result in much of a benefit to your company.

Rule #2 – Marketing should be approached methodically.

If you get a marketing professional who comes in and insists that everything be done quickly, without the necessary research and analysis on the front-end, you are probably not getting good marketing advice.

A good marketer knows that a good plan is the precursor to successful marketing campaigns. While it is good to have a sense of urgency, if your marketing consultant does a lot of things without adequate planning, you may want to part ways with him.

The same things that make good sense in any facet of business makes good sense when it comes to marketing. Good planning, diverse tactics, adequate research and imaginative executions that resonate with customers are hallmark items that should be a part of any marketer’s repertoire.

If the marketing professional that is working for you does not successfully combine these things, you are probably not getting the kind of marketing advice that your company deserves.