How to select best perfume is a difficult task. Because each person has different taste and preference. If you are planning to buy perfumes in Dubai, consider your taste, personality to select best perfumes. Get help from expert staff that will help you to find the best perfume which is suit to your personality and style. There is some advice that help you to select best perfume.

1. Understand fragrance categories: Learn about the perfume categories, including Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh. Knowing the distinctive scent traits of each category will help you choose your ideal scent profile. Perfume for women always under floral categories. Perfume for men is woody and leather fragrance.

2. Determine your preferred notes: Always remember to buy perfumes in Dubai, such as floral, fruity, spicy, or woody notes. This will help you find the best fragrance that you like more.

3. Test perfumes in stores: Visit the perfume store and try the perfume on your body. and allow for some times to settle and get the full development. Then only you can experience the exact fragrance. 

4. Test on your skin: The perfume reacts differently for each person’s due to the body chemistry. So, try it once before buy perfumes.

5. Take your lifestyle into account: Consider where and when you are going to use perfume. Subdued scent for the workplace and a bolder fragrance for evenings or special events.

6. Consider the season: In spring and summer choose lighter and fresh perfume and for fall and winter use warm and spicier fragrances.  

7. Read reviews: Before buying perfume read the reviews and description. It will help you to get more details of the perfumes. Ask expert advice for finding best perfume for women and men.

Choosing the perfect perfume needs careful consideration of fragrance classifications, desired notes, and personal tastes. You may learn a lot about scents by smelling them on your skin, reading reviews, and asking for advice. You can buy best perfumes in Dubai at Coral Perfumes. Explore more collections of perfumes here at best price.