There are over 6.5 Billion* people in the world.

360,985,492* of those people are all connected to one “place…”

…The Internet.

That’s a pretty powerful concept if you really think about it. So why not utilize this power of connectivity to market your business. Targeting an online market, based on location and demographics, for physical business’ marketing to their local community, or an online market, which targets a group of internet users, which have a common interest / goal, where location doesn’t matter.

Marketing an offline business, online, is harder than marketing an online business, online, because you operate and market from a computer. A business with a physical location is restricted by demographics and will limit the size of its market drastically. Not necessarily a bad thing, but as the saying goes, the bigger the market the bigger the bucks.

So talking about online business marketing…

Everyone will be a part of many different online markets. Some search for information on specific topics, some search for things they need buy or for a business opportunity. It can be broken down into many different markets which many people will eventually share in one way. Everyone is connected to each other through people they know, and the people they know, and so on. You need to be able to send your value through that network as far and as wide as possible. This way you will establish yourself in your market.

You will need to know what your niche market is, meaning, which market will benefit from your expertise and leadership, making you stand out from the average? The internet as a whole is one large group, but that breaks down into smaller groups. Each of those smaller groups is made up of internet users who share commonalities. Once you have decided on your niche market, you need to connect with those people.

The goal is to market YOU. Build a network, or relationships, with the people in your niche market. That way you establish and provide your value, not business, to those who are searching online for quality solution’s related to your niche.

Whether it’s for expertise alone or to join whatever business you’re in for your leadership. You have to market yourself as an expert, and back it up, so you can stand out from the competition in a positive light.

To market yourself, you have to provide a massive use value and stand out as a true leader / mentor. Connect with other leaders and build a rapport with them. If you surround yourself with leaders, you will eventually become one.

You now have to make your presence known, so you can become a “familiar face.” Eventually, you will become a trusted source of value and thus generating more rapport. Using as many internet marketing resources as you can find to connect to your market, will extend your reach. How far your reach extends depends on your ability to provide quality, respected value and great leadership / mentoring skills.

To become a rock in an online niche, you need to become a very strong leader and a good mentor. A mentor is an expert or guru that teaches and guides those who come to them by leading by example, and strong, positive encouragement. Never put doubt into someone’s mind!

You have to become an expert in “Attraction Marketing.” You need to be able to push your content through the network and have people start chasing it and/or YOU. If people start to chase after your value, then you become not only an established and trusted leader/mentor, you become the HUNTED!

This is very important to becoming successful with internet marketing. If you have to chase people (your market) all the time, you WILL become tired and eventually will burn out. But if your market chases you, you will become extremely successful. The bigger your presence, the higher your value, the more you attract your market.