There are many questions about affiliate marketing and in fact while affiliate marketing is the lowest start-up business it is also one of the hardest businesses to get built because there are so many different methods used towards building the business. Today we are going to be talking about how to succeed with affiliate marketing.

The problem a lot of new affiliate marketers make is they start the business and usually quit very quickly. Many people quit within the first 3 months of starting. The reason this is often times is that when they come into it they are sold on a lot of the automated fast and easy methods for building their business and those are harder to get off the ground then those who promoting the product would have you to believe.

When you choose to build your affiliate business the same way you would build your network marketing business this is when you will start to find more success.

Often times affiliate marketers think they have to be direct marketers. Direct marketers work off of a numbers system. Basically, the more people they send the marketing materials to the higher number of sales. Working the ad copy to increase conversions is also very important when direct marketing since direct marketing is costly to get started making sure you have good copy is essential to your success.

Affiliate marketers are somewhere in between direct marketers and network marketers. Network marketers focus on building relationships because in their line of business more people will follow them when they believe in them.

An affiliate marketer can succeed in this business when they understand that in order to find the most success they would need to use both direct marketing skills and network marketing skills.

Think about it for a moment and think about who you have purchased an affiliate product from in the past. Did you buy from just a random link? Or was it from someone who you have established relationship of trust and respect? Perhaps you like what this person teaches you so when they tell you about a new product you are more inclined to buy from there versus someone else. In this case this would be considered more closely related to network marketing since this is based on building a relationship of trust and respect.

However, there is also the occasional sale that comes in from someone who doesn’t know you but you marketed to the right audience at the right time. In this case this would be closer to the direct marketing method which is predominately a numbers game.

Overall, when you are seeking to succeed in affiliate marketing you will need to be able to identify with all different types of marketing and decide which type is most suited to your style as a unique individual. From there you can tailor your marketing efforts towards your style and success will follow.